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?s To Minimally Affected By Pots According To Poll


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tachycardia at 200 standing without meds, 110 standing on meds/, crampy/painful/"full" feeling in legs, nausea from gastroparesis, fatigue. i am on sotalol 160mg's, a potent beta blocker.....i am in the process of trying to find a med for the gastroparesis/nausea........i also wear compression stockings for the pooling problem that causes crampy/painful legs (which the NY doc actually DID find people, 2-3 times the usual of what "normal" people pool when upright)........

i think a lot of you that deal with the dizzy/light-headed factor are the ones who unfortunately are hit the hardest with being symptomatic........it all depends, once again, on the precise etiology/origin of the dysfunction for each person individually. and as far as i know, from talking with most of you, the majority of your guys deal with, primarily for symptoms, dizziness/light-headedness, syncope or pre-syncopal events.......once again, all depends on the origin of the condition itself. some may do better with working full-time/part-time than others depending on the cause of their auto dys. i would think pots would be somewhat easier to deal with in daily living than someone who suffers from neurocardiogenic syncope or neurally mediated hypotension because of the plummeting BP problems. ...but i speak for myself on that one!

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I go through good phases and bad, but for the most part holding steady and functioning well.

The main symptoms I deal with are hypotension, especially at night after laying down, Tachycardia, arrhythmias, trouble sleeping, anxiety, adrenaline surges (very mild now) and easily startled. Stress, sugary foods and large meals exacerbate my symptoms.

Meds: tiny dose of Inderal (beta blocker) as needed (maybe a few times a month) and tiny dose of Klonopin a few times a week for sleeping.


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I used to be bedbound, then homebound, now fairly normal/symptom free. However, I have tachycardia on standing, cannot exercise to the capacity I used to, cannot assume certain positions (e.g., leaning over) without experiencing tachycardia or palpitations/skipped beats. I can feel "crappy" in the AM until I am fully re-hydrated. I get mild muscle weakness sometimes after eating. I would describe my symptoms as sometimes annoying or frustrating, but not too limiting.


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Tachycardia,hypotension at times, adrenaline surges, gi issues. Many times symptoms can be controlled with a little beta blocker and lexapro and diet changes to low carb and mostly sugar free. Still get surges but seems to not be as severe now..(keeping fingers crossed).

A.M. are hard until I take a beta blocker, get hydrated. Have to move slow. Exercise is not full capacity anymore but I can usually walk a mile or two and not be so bad. Heat is a big factor though I don't like the cold either and sugary foods or acidic/spicy foods sometimes seem to make things worse.

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