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Can't Seem To Get My Pcp To Take Me Seriously


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I can't seem to get my PCP to take me seriously. I am going to be having a 64 slice cat scan in place of a colonoscopy due to high sensitivity to drugs. The surgeon who I saw for the colonoscopy wanted to go this route first------she saw my BP that day, and it was running really low---80s/something---and then they took it again and it went up to 90/60----this was sitting-----so you can only imagine what it was standing.

If something shows up on the c-scan---then I'll have to do the colonoscopy----but she will admit me to the hospital, and have an anesthesiologist present for the procedure.

I don't have the real low BPs all day long everyday---it fluctuates----but it's been running pretty low---more then it did in the past.

Anyway---I also have upper cervical spine/chiari issues along with instability at the cervical/cranial junction---most likely due to EDS. As a result of that I have constant pain which varies from mild to severe throughout the day---and spasms that spread into my chest.

The surgeon and I thought we would also do a cardiac C-scan the same time I have the virtual colonscopy----WHY NOT. The reason is because I have long standing low HDL (27)---and moderate LDL/Borderline (127)---and triclycerides---of 205--Total 195. I told her I would feel more at ease if I could have this done. She agreed it was a good idea, but my PCP would have to order it. WEll that was a mistake. When I called my PCP---she said go to the ER if your having chest pain. I told her I have pain everyday that spreads from my neck/clavical/upperback into my chest---and it's hard to tell sometimes if the pain could be cardiac related. My feeling is no----but I would like to play things on the safe side.

This type of C-scan is recommended by cardiologists for people with chronic low HDL. I have always followed a very low fat diet---and it could be secondary to that---no good fats, but any surgars I ate---even if low fat----would elevate triclycerides. Hashmotos thyroid doesn't help with the cholesterol either-- <_< Of course my health problems prevent any type of aerobic exercise, and the pain makes it difficult to do weight bearing exercise----ect. I do legs lifts, and other mild types of exercise. The fatigue is relentless---and I'm just happy to keep up my house on good days.

I'll probably need to call the cardiologist I saw a couple years ago. He did do a stress echo about 2 1/2 years ago---and he said it came out fine. I also have an implanted cardiac loop recorder-----and I get ECGs downloaded every couple of months or so---but it's not a 12 lead---6 lead-----it's to check for arrhythmias.

What is it with docs today---I can't even get her to set up an appointment to see me.

Any insights?


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You might be able to raise your HDLs through dietary measures: eat more nuts (unless you are allergic to them).


You might also consider taking inositol hexaniacinate:


However, you have to do this under a doctor's supervision, because the doctor has to monitor your liver enzymes to make sure that it isn't causing liver inflammation.

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Thank you lThomas,

I have increased the healthy oils in my diet---olive---ect......

but I stil don't think it's enough----it's hard to eat much.

I eat nuts, but not often as I have a diverticuli in my small intestine that is bothersome---but not serious---If I eat corn, however------------- :unsure: I eat such a low fat diet, that I missed out on the good fats, and combine with the thyroid issues---well, I've always struggled to get my HDL over 35. I remember once it was 37---that was when I could drink alcohol. With my POTS symptoms so out of control lately----I can't drink a drop of alcohol.

My main concern is why my doc doesn't seem to take this seriously. From what I read---she should be.

I'm pretty mad for a number of reasons about my medical care-----just not taken seriously---period......

Can't figure it out.

The niacin sounds like a good choice, but my concern is the flushing---I'm wondering what that will do to my heart rates.


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