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Muscle Relaxer


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i was given a script for a muscle relaxer SOMA.. to help try and treat my unrelnting pain issues...(lots of really bad hip pain..causing the muscles to spasm badly..ouchies)

I am allergic to so many narcotic meds that the doc thought to try miuscle relaxers instead and pray that i dont have a reaction..

we went with soma b/c i was on it in 2001..(along with multiple other muscle/pain meds) about 6 months prior to the totally meltdown in 2002.. I was on it about a 10 months or so.. and i dont really remember if it helped or not..

my old pcp would not give me muscle relaxers b/c of my pots.. and i wondring of your guys opinion on the matter... my current pcp said that there is always a chance that it wil interact w/ things.. as my system is so overly sensitive...


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I used to take muscle relaxers for my chronic pain too. They kind of helped with the pain, but they also made me reeeeeeally loopy :blink: I used to have really wierd dreams if I went to sleep while on them too...

I hope they help your pain! It's no fun to be in pain all the time :( Let us know how you do!



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Hubby takes soma. I used to, and have forgotten to ask the doctor for some, so on nights when I'm really hurting I will take some of his. But I cannot take a whole one because it will affect my heart rythm, but I seem to be able to tolerate a 1/4 of one just fine. Then again, I might be able to handle a whole one if I didn't take 2 Vicodin with it!

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I would try the lowest dose possible and work from there. Let us know how you make out on it! :blink:

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