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Hi all,

My doctor is prescribing Clonodine to me "as needed". I am a little confused about this. We were discussing what to do when I have a heart rate episode and don't want to go to the ER. She suggested I take Clonodine when this happens. I am also on a beta blocker currently. Does this sound right to you?


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susan i am on clonidine the pill form right now.. and i have never been told tot ake it only as needed.. i take it twice a day.. and then am able to take an extra bb on top of my daily amount if i get into a crazy tachy mode..

i also was on clonidine the patch form.. and i wore that daily.. and that to was an all the time thing..

dr.grubb has given me all of my clonidine scripts..(it does help by the way if taken right.. at least for me it does).. i was never told to take it only as needed..

did you doc by chance talk to you about a safe BP for you to be able to take your clonidine? on top of your bb your allready on?

I know last fall when i went on the pill fomr of clonidine i was instructed NOT to take my clonidine if my pressure was lower then 120/70.. those are my guidleines..

is this your pots doc? do you have an ans specialist you can talk to? just tobe on the safe side dear??

good luck...

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I am taking the Clonidine pacth. I have found this works best for me as I don't have as big of drop in my b/p. I as take metoprol 2 times a day to help from having tacky. I never been told to take just of I am feeling bad. The one thing it to really wacth you b/p. When I first starting taking the pill form my b/p would drop to low, so just like dizzt girl I had to skip does if my b/p was to low.

I hope the clonidine works for you! :blink:

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I find that quite interesting---because a physician assistant told me to take clonopin daily--for "hyper adrengic" POTS............ however, my BPs were running 80/60---and sometimes lower.

I don't think they believed my BPs were that low---even though I gave them 6 months worth of BP readings------------ :blink: Needless to say I never took the clonodine----as I was already on a beta blocker.

My catecholamines were tested---they were normal----

I don't think this is a drug that should be prescribed that way---"take as needed".


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I am on clonidine. I have very low bps. I take it at night with my elavil. There is a medication reaction when you combine those 2 meds that causes the bp to rise. The pharamicist made my doc fill out special forms before they would fill it.

I also take midodrine. That for me is as needed if bps are low.

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