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Losing Voice


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I had a sore throat and a 1/2 a dozen canker sores 2 weeks ago.. and slowly that is all going away, but in that period my voice became very scratchy, and it was hard to talk really loud. All off the other junk went away, but I still have a very scratchy voice, an it is ALOT quiter then I have ever talked! People actually say 'what?' instead of 'Shh!! Not so loud!'. A good friend of mine said that her dr told her that that was a symptom of acid reflux(she does not have POTS). Well for the past 2 months I have had alot of acid reflux and the continueouse vommiting after eatting. Do you think this POTS or the acid reflux is doing this to my voice? My throat doesnt really hurt anymore, its just I sound like crap!

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I have horrible GERD and use to wake up with a sore throat every morning. I would constantly lose my voice or it would be scratchy. I took pepcid for a few years with relief of symptoms but then it got bad again. Last summer they switched me to Protonix and not only is my GERD, throat and voice usually better but I'm able to eat foods again that would give me heartburn.

You should still discuss these problems with a doctor, medical advice is best.

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