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HI Everyone!!! I'm Madeline, and I'm new here. I've been reading these posts for awhile and thought it was about time to join!!

i've been struggling with POTS for almost 9 years now, amd its not easy. I've had many ups and downs

Lastly, does anyone else who takes florinef desise bananas and OJ. Every since I was a little girl I haven;t liked them,so of course I'm the one who develops and illness where I need them to survive, blech. I hate them WITH A PASSION



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Hello IHB (you picked a funny name Madeline :)!)


Just wanted to let you know that I got sick of bananas too - and I take Florinef, so now I'm on a V* kick, it has tons of potassium and sodium. I am sick of pickles as well as bananas, I need to find a new salty snack too :blink::blink::blink:

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What I do with bananas is I melt chocolate and peanut butter!!!!! It's helps disguise the taste somewhat :blink:

Claire, olives normally have more salt than pickles do, I eat them everyday...but I've gotten SO sick of them that I plug my nose when I eat them :blink:



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Welcome. Try apricots, they have more potassium than Bananas. I have to force nanas down everyday, making me feel sick thinking about it!

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Welcome, this is a great site and very friendly :( 9 years is a long time, I bet you are sick of it (and bananas too!). We have had a major cyclone ruin our whole country crop of bananas, so they are like gold here in Oz. I love them, but didn't know I should be eating them! I just take a Potassium tablet each day, maybe that will work for you too.

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Hello and welcome Ms. ihatebananas! :(

This topic has been discussed many many times on this site. I did a search and it took awhile to remember in which thread I had posted this. But anyway, here it is, in case it is useful!

I found this on this website--this looks like a good list


I think the #s presented are mgs. It is interesting that there are several fruits and veggies actually much higher in potassium than bananas.

Take care, Katherine


Kellog's All Bran 532

Dried Apricots 454

Pinto Beans 531

Baked Potato 593

Orange Juice 479

Nabisco 100% Bran 354

Cantaloupe 412

Kidney Beans 452

Baked Winter Squash 590

Grapefruit Juice 360

Bran Flakes 251

Prunes 353

Lentils 374

Baked Sweet Potato 528

Tomato Juice 552

Shredded Wheat 155

Banana 338

Black Beans 309

Spinach 440

Tomato Sauce 459

Raisins 225 (3tbs)

Avocado 510

Canned Beans 332

Peas 296

Blackstrap Molasses 1218 (2tbs)

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I never see anyone mention Pedialyte here...which is high in both sodium and potassium. Product info is listed in mEq's instead of milligrams, but I found an online calculator to figure that out. Based on that Pedialyte has about 1050mg sodium and about 720mg potassium (if I am remembering that correctly).

It is expensive, but generic versions are much cheaper.

My POTS Dr. said I could drink this instead of Gatorade as it is less sugary and has fewer calories.

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