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I Need Money So I'm Going To Start Watching A 3yr Old


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Since I can't go out and work a normal job due to the inconsistancey of this illness and we desperately need more income a friend of mine asked if I would be interested in watching her 3yr old (who is a handful). I said yes and now I am feeling real nervous about it. It's from 7am to 4. I have 3 kids of my own and I take care of them (1 will be in school full time) so adding another one might not be that bad.

My husband is home M-F and says he will help me.

I just don't want to cheat this little girl because I don't feel good ALOT!

Me and my husband will do this as a team and hopefully everything will work out fine. I explained to the mother that I have an illness and when I'm feeling really sick my husband (her cousin) will be taking over and that he is now the main provider for our children. Was that honest enough?

Does anyone else do daycare?

I'm trying not to get to stressed about it because that will just make me sicker I'm just scared I'll take her and my illness will worsen and they will be stuck without childcare.

Dayna :unsure:

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i'd look into an office job! a three year old with your kids on top of it, from 7-4 is way way too much! paperwork is much easier on you and is usually a 9-5 job, much easier with the hours too since getting up early seems to be especially hard for most people with autonomic dysfunction.....9 is still early but beats 7am! .....

kids are a handful, especially a three year old and if you feel the way most people on this site do, you probably wont have the energy for a three year old.

i watched my friends 2 year old for about an hour and it was a nightmare. i was very sick after, very tired, and that was only for an hour! i couldnt imagine 7-4.

sorry to sound pessimistic, just dont want you feeling more terrible than you probably already do. i'd look into a part time desk job....

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cardiatec thanks for the response I see where your coming from but for me a 9-5 job would be harder. Even a desk job because I feel more comfortable in my own home. I can treat my symptoms better.

anyways my husband said he will be up in the morning and I can keep my normal routine which is good. I explained to the family that my husband will be doing most of the care and they are fine with that. It's his family so they trust him and always sees him caring for our kids.

So after thinking it all through I guess everything will work out!


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I'm glad your husband is willing to help out. I myself was watching a little one and I just couldn't do it on top of careing for my own. I did it for about 8 months, and I was sad when I told his mother I couldn't watch him anymore. It was just too draining for me. :unsure:

I wish you the best of luck,


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That's funny ... I am doing the same thing! I have been working part time even through the worst of my POTS (with great difficulty at times, of course), but to be able to keep my daughter in montessori a couple days a week, I needed to pick up more work. So I am watching a child from my daughter's class 1-1/2 days a week, which shouldn't be bad at all ... I hope. I'm thinking they will keep each other busy. I'll have to PM you when I start and let you know how it goes. Hope your situation works out well; sounds like you will have good support. Hopefully the kid you are watching is potty-trained or will be soon -- that saves a lot of lifting, bending over, etc.


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Goodluck! When do you start? Let us know how yo umake out

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