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Peeling Skin

Guest Anne L

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Hi all,

Are my peeling hands and feet (palms and soles) likely related to Dysautonomia? They've been dry before but never peeling.


Could be psoriasis.

Please look up psoriasis before you get too worried. It is more likely to be any other type of dermatitis. I have psoriasis, and your skin doesn?t peel off unless you have a very severe form, and then it is because the plaques have been dislodged, like a scrape. Here is a link with what it is and with pictures:

psoriasis net

There are other types than mine that I do not know as much about. Chances are if it is only on you palms and the bottom of your feet it is not psoriasis, but something else. Those are two places it usually doesn't go. They told me it wouldn?t be on my face either but it is. Ask a dermatologist if you have any inclination it could be psoriasis because having an autoimmune disorder is often co morbid with an autonomic disorder like POTS or NCS.

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