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I'm Scared, I Just Found Out I'm Expecting, And I Don't Want Anything To Happen To This Baby

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I appreciate everyone's replies, and words of encouragement that I have read on this website since I found it a few months ago.

Now I find myself expecting my second child (a very planned event, when my husband was home for R&R from Iraq the middle of July). But, now that it's here, I can't help but be afraid as to what POT's will do to me and my baby during this pregnancy. I haven't been able to get into and see a cardiologist yet, and I don't have my first ob appt for another 3 weeks. The army, is having to research whether they have a cardiologist who specializes or has experience in POT's before they will make me an appt, or give me authorization to see a civilian doctor, and LOT'S OF WIVES ARE HAVING BABIES with their husbands coming home on R&R or end of combat tours, thus delaying my first ob appt.

I have the same tiredness as I did with Christian, (who turned 1 in June), it was post-partum that I developed POTS, and I'm still trying to figure that out! I can't work, because of the frequent fainting, and graying out spells I have, and the general fatigue it all causes. So that makes it hard on us financially. People who have never heard of this problem, look at me like I'm just lazy, and melodramatic! Has anyone else been treated and/or ostracized for their problem?

Can anyone give me advice for making it through this pregnancy, so that the end result is I have a healthy, happy baby. and that I come through it well too? I've heard the horror stories, of miscarriages, of developing worse problems, of dying....and I would like to know the facts, the statistics, and personal experiences. I'm so afraid for my baby, and for my son. What do i need to do, t o know, and to look forward to?

Thank you for providing any advice, words of wisdom..........can I have more children in the future, or will this be my last chance to have a child?

Thank you,


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hi jen

i wanted to let you know that i wish you all the best in your pregnancy. can?t help you with advices because pots hit me after both my pregnancies (although i had a mild form all my life). i have two boys (15 and almost 12) and our first born is called Christian as well! (it's just a name, we're not religious0.

i think it is important to take as much rest as you can. it's great that you can live with your mom, especially since she has parkinson's.

best wishes to the both of you, i hope you will be able to enjoy your pregnancy,

corina :)

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Want to congratulate you on your pregnancy.

We have 5 children, onset of POTS symptoms occured after the birth of our second son. We managed to have another 3 healthy children post diagnosis.

I do remember fainting a few times during the pregnancies, and being more fatigued than even a pregnant person should be. I also had premature contractions and was on bedrest.

However now I'm unsure if it was caused by POTS, as I just tested positive (western blot) for lyme. Impossible it's a recent infection, my area has no ticks whatsoever. So, turns out, can't blame everything on POTS anymore.

Many people here will tell you they feel better during pregnancy because of added blood volume.

My advice would be to drink a lot and get the rest you need.

Congrats again!


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I can't contribute much either though, I had what I would say was mild symptoms during my 3 pregnancies. I only really got hit hard these last two years and that was 3yrs after my last child.

Good luck,,and I echo with keeping up with fluids and doing only what you can do while you are pregnant. Most OB's should be understanding and able to help. They come across so many obstetric patients with different diseases and/or issues before and during pregnancy.

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I don't know of any published research, nor has any physician ever told me, that POTS is related in any way to miscarriages, fetal problems such as prematurity, or maternal mortality. In addition, there are lots of us on this site who have had very normal pregnancies, despite POTS. I don't think you have any reason to be afraid that POTS is going to put your fetus/child at greater risk. However, it is important that you have an ob/gyn and ideally a specialist too, in case you do need medication or other care related to your condition during pregnancy. I think many of us experience(d) more fatigue with pregnancy than is normal--and some an increase in symptoms. For others, pregnancy actually improves symptoms. POTS patients are not automatically considered high risk pregnancy cases. There is no crystal ball however for any individual because the condition is so poorly understood.

I agree with others that keeping up with fluids is really important. Hope you can see you dr soon and get some additional peace of mind.


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Dear Tears,

Not to get others here to hate me, but with the exception of neck pain during my last pregnancy, I feel incredible when I am pregnant. BP goes up to normal and the hormones seem to help me out quite a bit. I guess everyone is different. May you have a wonderful pregnancy!

All my best! :unsure:

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