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Halo Of Heat


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So, over the last few weeks, I've noticed that right after I wake up (or get up, shall we say, since sleep isn't really coming lately) I have, what I call, a halo of heat around my head. It truly feels like I have something perfectly round and about the size of a halo that's radiating heat down my skull. I actually keep on reaching up to feel what in the world is wrong, it's the strong of a feeling of heat. It truly feels like I should be able to remove it.

It's not a fever, although I get those regularly, too for no apparent reason. This is just my head. And let me tell you it's HOT, HOT, HOT!!!! It actually makes my eyes feel hot and not really watery, per say, but blurry maybe. I don't know, it's hard to describe.

Is this, yet again, just another ANS malfunction of body tempurature? Even though it's so specifically located at my head?

This will last for hours after I rise and just seems to slowly fade away. Almost like one of those bag things that you can microwave to get them warm and them your supposed to put them on your sore muscles or in your bed to keep you warm. It's like that, the heat just slowly disapates. But, when it's HOT, oh boy, is it hot!!!


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Hi! I get that too. I thought it was related to perimenopause issues (like hot flashes without the sweating maybe?) but I really don't know what causes it. Perhaps it is all due to the dysautonomia. But I feel really rotten for hours when I have it and usually take to bed or the couch. I try cold fluids but it doesn't make a difference. Maybe it's just related to the weather. Martha

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I get that as well. Sometimes it's specifically around my head, but other times it's around my whole body.

I always thought it was hormones- like Menopause Hot Flashes (even though I am only 25...and I have had these "hot flashes" for over 10 years now, since I have had NMH).

It's hard to explain to people b/c I get SO HOT around my skin like you described, but it has nothing to do with the temperature of the air (it can happen in 30 degree weather or 80 degree weather). It's like the heat just radiates from inside my body and then creates the halo around me, like you described.

Weird. I know. :-/

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My husband radiates heat and it is also unrelated to the external temperature (and I assume he isn't experiencing menopausal symptoms :blink: ). His head gets especially hot and it occurs most frequently when he lays down at bedtime. He sleeps on a "Chillow" - a chilled mat that we keep in the fridge, and he places it on his pillow at night. He hates being so hot.

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