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Is there help?

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Hi everyone,

I need to ask a question, and not sure if anyone can help.

My Primary Physician wants to send me to New York City to see a specialist for my Diagnosis of Primary Dysautonomai with Autonomic Neuropathy. I also have violent episodes of increased Blood Pressure and heart rate.

My husband and I are facing losing are medical insurance since he may be laid off soon from Kodak.

The reality is that we may be faced with no medical insurance. If this happens, I will not be able to continue seeing anyone, let a lone any Doctor in New York City.

Also, I don't know how we will be able to finance a trip to New York City in the first place.

I don't even know where to start, if there is support for this or not. I thought maybe I would start here, to see if anyone can offer any suggestions on the situation.

Thank you,


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Please don't be discouraged! I have been without medical insurance for about 6 months now and there are some things you can do. First of all- you should be eligible for COBRA if he's being laid off. It's expensive, but if you know you are facing thousands of dollars in medical bills then it is something to look into.

If that's not an option, as in my case (I was covered under my parents health insurance which automatically terminated when I turned 22) then there are other options. Extending the coverage was ridiculously expensive due to my pre-existing condition, which also made it impossible to qualify for any new plans as well. I was denied everywhere I applied. So, I went to my local free clinic and applied for assistance, and have been able to order my Pro-Amatine thorugh them which helps us out a lot. They treat me for basic medical stuff (checkups, female exams, and common ailments) at no cost. I was then able to discuss the problem with my POTS doctor, and he agreed to treat me at no cost for the time being. I am seeing a new specialist in August and am going to be applying for assistance through them as well- but am going to be saving up the money in the meantime so I can pay for the initial visit. My only hope with all of this is that I don't end up in the hospital or anything...but eventually I'm sure we will get married and then I'll be eligible for David's insurance...

Anyhow I have a tendency to ramble, but I just wanted to let you now you are not alone in this and to hang in there- there are options for you as I'm sure others on this board will tell you. Good luck :P

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