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Freezing All The Time.

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hi, i was just wondering if there are a lot of people here that are cold all the time? it is about 75 degrees outside, sunny, and i am LITERALLY freezing! i have jeans and a sweatshirt on and i am still ICE COLD!! anyone have this problem? the winter time is HORRIBLE for me, i can never stop shivering!

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i've had this at times, but it's generally fluctuating: i have ongoing problems with temperature regulation. i take warm showers and get under and electric blanket repeatedly in the winter, but rarely during this time of year, unless i get really cold from too much A/C! :rolleyes:

one thing dr. grubb told me was not to let myself get too cold/hot or in pain for too long, (presumably b/c this sets off autonomic responses?) i know you're still trying to figure out what's actually going on with you, but i did want to put that out there, in case it would be helpful to you (?)

good luck, cardiactec! you've sure been having quite a time! sorry you're having such troubles! maybe there are some answers and you'll find them soon? i hope so, and feel better too!



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I'm cold very often too. At times, the chills are so bad that I'll be cuddled under 4 blankets in the same room as someone comfortable in a t-shirt. Other times though, I feel just fine. I've found that the best thing to do is just keep lots of layers/blankets around to try to be as comfortable as possible.

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This happens to me at times and will last a few hours to a day or so at the longest. It's not consistent, though. I really hate it. My limbs and nose are very cold to the touch. Sometimes, when it stops, I go the other end of the spectrum and start to feel hot and eventually break out in a cold sweat. Other times, my body temp just returns to normal but during the transition, I have shivers, chatters, and chills similar to what happens after I've been given a dose of epinephrine.


PS : I typed out a lengthy response to your last PM and it disappeared before I could hit send! I'll respond soon!

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I am also cold, however, I have been sweating and freezing at the same time lately. In the winter, I usually warm up a heating pad and wear it in my sweatshirt. I am thinking that I need to make a jacket with a liner that can heat up in the microwave that I could wear around the house. This would beat the too old to be pregnant look I have going now.

Good Luck. It really is not much fun to be cold all the time.


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I have Raynaud's so at times in the summer , or in fact anytime I can be freezing.

The worst bout of being cold I ever had was when I was in Jamaica, it was about 3 in the afternoon and baking hot and there was I all wrapped up in woollies, jeans and a coat they took my temperature and it was 96 !!!!!

Sometimes I lay in bed at night and my legs /back and feet are so cold I have to have a hot water bottle and thats just in the summer.

In the winter sometimes its so cold ( when its just mild according to the weather forecaster) that I cant go out at all for days and days.

I never leave the house without gloves, hats, scarves and always a full length coat on from September to may !

Its to do with circulation, mine is very poor .

Get a good high togged quilt for your bed and dont be afraid to sit downstairs with a fleecy blanket over your knees ? body , you can get some very pretty ones now. I may look like an old woman but at least I'm warm ...........anyhow Hubby always try to creep under with me :ph34r: Yet other times ( like now ) I can be so hot my temperature is 100 + and I dont have a bug !!!!

It looks like our internal thermostat is all ' kerput'

Best wishes....willows.

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