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I was taking 10,000 unit weekly. My doctor is holding off right now. I have not had a shot in three weeks. As I strated treatment for lymes. He does want so many meds, not knowing which are helping and which are not. I found that I got headaches the day after the shot, and somtimes my muscles would be sore, but overall I handle it well, without much problems.

Are you just starting? I hope it works good for you! :rolleyes:

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I take 10,000 units a week.

I sometimes experience flu like symptoms the first 24 hours or so. The first few times I had the injection my whole arm was hot and achey. Sometimes I have to go home and sleep for a few hours after my injection.

The benefits that I've experienced since being on Procrit far out way the side effects.

Hope it works out for you.


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