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Safe Antiobiotic For Urinary Tract Infection?

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I have a UTI and a doctor (not my regular) prescribed Cipro. I don't like all of the cautions about heart related issues (fast heartrate, irregular heartrate) and I'm wondering if there are any safer drugs for UTI's...I know you all are not doctors, but I'm wondering if you can tell me what you've taken in the past so I might have another drug to suggest. I am calling in the morning and asking them to prescribe me something else.

Has anyone taken Bactrim?

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i'm allergic to cipro and recently developed allergic reaction to sulfa meds. but i have previously had good results from Bactrim, also Macrobid is also good for UTI's (but i'm not a doc--just had to put that in there, you know). be careful you may get a yeast infection from the antibiotics... :rolleyes:<_< (Diflucan in repeated doses has worked great for me on those auspicious (ahem, not) occasions.....ask your doc for it if you're concerned.)

for the pain/burning, i've had good luck with over the counter Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride (Pyridium). it does turn your urine orange. that might help you at least feel better until morning.

good luck and feel better!!! :angry::angry::angry:

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I have taken Cipro before, I don't remember any side effects though.

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I've taken so many kinds of antibiotics for UTI's. I keep getting them and we're trying to get to the bottom of them. Some did make me a little more dizzy and have more black out episodes but I got through them. Pyridium is a life savor. I get cramps more so then burning and tylenol/ibuprofen do not help at all. But as soon as I take Pyridium the cramps disapeer!

Feel better!

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Some months back, we thought there was blood in my urine and the PA at the gynecologist office gave me a script for macrobid.

I emailed my ANS doc and he said that is a good UTI drug and not overly POWERFUL like some.

I would be leary of something so potent as Cipro. Goodness.

I see others have brought up macrobid.

We are not doctors but you want to take an antibiotic to kill the bladder germs..not kill everything. I am the type to ask for the lowest risk of antibiotic as I HATE taking them.


But I tend to raise a stink if I don't like a drug a doc tries to make me take.


P.s. turns out I didn't have an infection but was spotting and started my period early. Duh :rolleyes:

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The quinolone antibiotic family (e.g. Cipro, Floxin, Levaquin etc.) has a general risk of tendon rupture, damage and pain. For those with EDS these should be avoided if at all possible due to our fragile tendons which increases our risk. The NYC EDS support group recently discussed this and thought it should be part of an educational campaign. Just thought I'd pass it along.


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