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Sunfish Is Back In Her Own Bowl...

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Hello all!

Just wanted to let you all know that our little fish is back home (and hopefull staying there for a while).

And, nope, I didn't come up with that clever 'back in her own bowl' phrase. She did! But, I'm posting for her b/c she's just too wiped out.

She woke up with a purple arm today and didn't want to call the doc b/c then she might have to go back to the hospital...and I was like, no girl, you are calling the doctor! (Of course, what do I know? Don't know if she'll listen to me! :))

I still have some posts to read to her after her vm box gets cleaned out (or she may get to read some soon herself).

She is still in need of some healing fish tonic...so keep sending it her way.

She's on IV antibiotics and blood thinners and all that jazz...

Still, wanted to let you know that she is home, where hopefully she will be able to get a bit better rest.

Thank you for continuing to keep her in your thougths and prayers....


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melissa, i am soooooo glad you are back home again. i hope they take very good care of you and please rest as much as you need. we will be waiting right here for you to come back! as you really deserve it, i will make you a fairy card as soon as i can. i'm in bed a lot, resting from our vacation. i can't even work on my photo's (can you imagine: i've got more than 200 to work on!!!!!!).

thinking of you,

corina :)

emily, you are the best. i know how much it takes from you to do all this. try and take some rest as well (could we arrange the spa for this weekend, for all of us???)

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Welcome Back Melissa, We Missed You!

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Glad to hear the news Melissa! Keep going strong...

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