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Icky Day- But Dr. Tomorrow!


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Hey all-

So I've had a crap day today- just got to work a few minutes ago because I couldn't get out of bed this morning and then got sick in the shower, meaning that I spent another 30 minutes on the bathroom floor. (The cat was worried for about a second, then just decided that if that was where I wanted to sleep, fine- so he laid down next to me and purred, which helped). Anyways, I'm going to Dr. Moore in the Autonomic/MVP disorders clinic tommorrow in B'ham (who several of you have told me good things about). I have seriously mixed feelings about this:

1) What if I'm not sick enough tomorrow and the TTT comes back not good enough? The Dr. who diagnosed me was an RE acting on the strength of just several BP readings and an echo that showed my heart rate jumping around- but now that I'm going to a specialist, I'm afraid my body will behave for once and they'll think I'm insane.

2) What if I'm really sick? How the heck am I going to drive from Montgomery to Birmingham (DH being at a conference)?

3) I'm just tired of this crap with drs, meds, etc. (I know, I know- we all are), and have long ago started to doubt that anybody can actually give me an answer (as opposed to just ordering more tests and referring me somewhere else).

I'll let ya'll know how the appointment goes...maybe this will be the one! (Note- you all ever get the feeling that dr. visits are turning into more of blind dates?)

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Sorry about the morning you had. :D

I've been to the Ala center a few times. The don't just go by the tests. They also go by what you say your symptoms are. They know there is more to dysautonomia than just a TTT. The first time I had it done, and the only time for that fact, it came back blunted. Between the symptoms etc, they diagnosed me. They diagnosed me with MVP and dysautonomia, and have treated me as that over the years.

I don't go down there every year as I live in NY and it is quite a trip, but the Dr. is always available by e-mail or phone. The nurses are very good also.

Is there anyone you can get to go along with you on the ride?

Hope all goes well tomorrow. :(

P.s. as for the blind date bit,,yes,,very expensive and tiring blind dates. :D

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Just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow!! It sounds like the clinic knows their stuff...I really hope they can give you some more answers and help find a good treatment plan.

As for the driving part...is a taxi service an option for you? I know that drive is a couple of hours...maybe the clinic can suggest a service?

Keep us posted!! :(

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sorry about your crappy day yesterday!! i hope things are going well at the Doc's today!!

isn't it wonderful how some animals (not all mine do, thank goodness, there's not room for 6 cats, a ferret and 70 # dog in my bathroom :) ) just KNOW when you need them for a bit of encouragement??

hope all's well today! keep us posted!



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