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Can't Sleep (clowns Will Eat Me :d )


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hey y'all fellow board folks--

i've been having a LOT of trouble sleeping the past 4 days or so, i'll doze for an hour or two, have weird boo-freaky dreams and then PING! awake again! :blink: i think i've got 3-5 hrs total/day, but all broke-up like and i'm in a total POTS-hole when not surging. i feel like a yoyo! tonight is the worst. i've been trying *everything* i can think of to go to sleep, trick myself to sleep.....nothing is working. :( i'm ready to cry!! i think i'm going crazy! i tried my chill out stuff beginning at 10>> it's almost 5! yikes!

so tonight i've had all sorts of aches and pains the allover kind i can't get a handle on in summer, cuz it's too hot to take a warm bath and use electric blankie! and i'm *freaking* out cuz i have a final in (gulp!) in less than 6 hours!! i *know* i'm making it worse with worry, i can't stop though. sigh. tried deep breathing, aromatherapy, a warmish shower....i dunno if i'm nervous or what or if i started surging and now can't stop! i've even tried my PRN meds and vicodin for the pain (it's gotten that bad!) and nothing is working. and i can't make my legs stop jiggling. does anyone know what that is about?? never had that before!

this keeps happening to me off and on again, but it happened last final and then when i got to it i was falling asleep while taking the test!!...um, not really a good thing. despite this history, i'm trying to stay positive. :)

i'm going to try and RELAX! :D i've got to chill...feels like there's a drill sergeant in my head screaming at me to "RELAX!" :lol: ack! the cheese is slipping off the cracker, y'all. i feel so nutty. this does not bode well for test taking. :)

wish me luck? ideas for next time?

[anyone ever see that tshirt, "can't sleep. clowns will eat me." ??? that's what i keep thinking my life is like, over and over again...hence the title :) ]

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Aww, you poor thing. Have you tried some hypnotherapy or relaxation CD's? They helped me sleep when I was bad last year and only got 2hrs sleep a night and felt exactly the same as you do.

Hope you get some sleep soon. (Hugs)

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Guest dionna

when i was in high school, 2 years before POTS, i worked until really late so i couldn't calm my body down to go to sleep... i always managed to find ZZZZs during a class or a test though! i hope that doesn't happen to you. boo-freaky dreams--- like nightmares? that is all i ever have, but i don't mind any more. i'm always a paid assassian or some thing. i think that is just me brain washed. i never think about that stuff when i am awake.

let me crack on the army: drill sergeant that is the army's and that is the problem! they aren't worth anything.... you are probably just giving that sergeant the stress card so they leave you alone.

you need a marine corps drill instructor in your head! they start telling you to low crawl through the mud you will get tired really quick. or make you go out on a hump or get out in the pit or on their quarter deck, anything like that. youd definately make yourself sleep.

i'm just amusing myself. i can't sleep either. it is way too hot!

do you think maybe anxiety about the finals is keeping you up? i'm about to go on a trip and i think that is my problem. i can't shut my mind of of it.

i do wish you luck and don't stress about the final. i am sure you will do just fine and believe me you aren't the only one in your class still awake. i promise. and if you are alone... just pertend i am in your class. i will tell you i have a final in a few hours i it will make you fell better (it isn't true) but you don't know that. i won't tell you i'm not in any type of school anymore.


dionna :)

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Guest danielvasel

hey lulu!!

well, i can totally relate to what you?re saying...

im also having trouble sleeping....

the last week has been the worst one in my life... i just can?t sleep...i?m sleeping less than 3 hours/night!! that?s probally just enough for survival :( !!

but i have faith that it will get better... it?s probally just a bad week.... prior to that, my sleeping problems were at least "bearable"

have you heard of "sleeping hygiene"? if you feel like it, search for it on google, you?ll find great advises...

just an example... did you know that taking a walk in the morning time is much better than doing it in the afternoon?

have you tried drinking herbal tea(specially camomile and valerian)? it certainly helps...(do it before you sleep...)

have you tried meditation?(this is probally the best thing you can do when you have problems sleeping.... but im also aware that it?s the hardest one...)

be careful with warm showers...

it?s already bad(tragic?) enough that we have POTS... but having insomnia along with it(which is itself a terrible, devastating "disease") is pretty ******, and totally unbearable...

so i hope the best for you... i hope it?s just temporary(i?m also hoping the same for myself:))

take care lulu


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I, too, can totally relate. I've just started taking Beta-Blockers (Toprol XL) and I have never felt so over the top surged out of my head before!!! My doc keeps telling me that it's impossible, but here I am.

I can't sleep when I take them, period. I slept like 3-5 hours in a week!!! Not good. I was a horrible mess. Of course, I was on my first vacation in ten years, so there's that. I mean, I know that I was going to have hard time no matter what, because I was so anxious about my trip and all, but, add the BB on top of it, and forget it. It doesn't seem fair to me that we have such issues with just normal everyday stuff!!??!! :(

Isn't sleeping supposed to be a natural human instinct? Isn't being nervous about a final a normal thing, too? Why can't our bodies just adjust to normal daily events???? I'm just angry today, I'm sorry.

I'm feeling quite sorry for myself. I can't get any help and I can't sleep either. The docs just don't seem to care about me as a person, is all. If they had to live in our bodies, through all of our "normal" daily events, THEN they'd find a way for us to do things like sleep when life gets tough and swallow solid food and take a walk with our family!!!

I'm sorry that I have no words of wisdom; only empathy. You're not alone and we all understand that feeling of anxiety, sadness, exhaustion and desperation. I know that you're going to do well on your final and then you'll sleep like a baby!!!!

Good luck on your journey!!


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well, i've made it through the exam! :) it was harder than i thought it would be! i hope i passed my class!

thanks for your support and ideas, you guys are awesome! :D:D:D

dionna, no doubt i need to find a more effective "leader" in my imaginings to get me back on track!! the thought of squirming through marine boot camp or just thining about the job they do makes my head spin....maybe you're really onto something there!!! i'll think of them instead of army. LOL! & knowing you were "there" with me gave me such comfort. thank you for that. :) hiya, daniel :D --um, yes i sure have heard of sleep hygiene...i was mental health counselor for 10 years and almost (i hope!) a senior in nursing school. don'tcha think it's the weirdest phrase you've ever heard? like you should "clean" your sleep or something weird like that? :( but yeah, i'm well-versed in it and do different versions each night depending on how the day has been for me. for POTsers i don't think it's really applicable to do the same thing each night--like you need different strategies-- because we can change so much from day to day. (maybe varying your version would work for you?? possibly?? They do say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results :D) but i went through my whole routine last night, just like i do everynight. ended up taking more meds than i wanted, then this AM had to have pepsi to perk up. i hate doing that. i think it's just going to take a few days for my body to recover from recent exacerbation. i need to be patient and just let it happen. i hope you are able to get some sleep too, daniel! & yeah, those warm showers are always taken with caution...and NEVER when i'm alone in the house. tanzy, thanks for the (hug) & you gave me a terrific idea! :) i am *definitely* going to try relaxation cd's...that is one i haven't done yet! any recommendations? specifically, what worked for you? or what would you look for if you were going to buy one? thanks guys, all of you...i soooooo appreciate your support and ideas!!! :) :) :) you all mean a lot to me, thanks (hugs) :)

i'm spending the day with my brother, listening to classical music and adventuring in the countryside. should be just what i need to get the last of the school worrying outta my system! i think it will help a lot if i don't nap excessively today....(fingers crossed!) will let you know if i'm really "officially" a senior later....i "think" i am but the test i took today determines that for sure according to the school.

peace & light,


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hey rebecca--

i sure know how your feeling about being angry about insominia and our body's responses to things!! geesh, it's frustrating!!! i so appreciate knowing i'm not alone....so your post means a great deal to me even if you don't have "advice."

i agreee w/you COMPLETELY about the docs & i'm sorry you're not getting better help! have you tried herbal stuff? and your response to BB's that's weird, they're supposed to make you tired! but then i guess it's kinda typical for all of us here to have atypical reactions to meds! like you said, why is it we have to have all this weird stuff in reaction to what "normal" people can get through. it certainly makes me feel like an alien, but i'm glad i'm not the only one! :(

it's ok and NORMAL for you to be feeling a bit down on occasion about having this illness. i hope it's just a blustery day that blows over for you...:D it certainly IS a journey, with many ups and downs. i hope you get some sleep too and feel better. it's so hard to accept POTS, isn't it? i feel like i have sometimes, and then TA DAH! it rears its ugly head again and i feel like i've taken 2 steps back to my one ahead. hang in there, bec!! and please know that i'm here for you and so are others. you are not alone, either!

and hey, we all need a good rant about POTS everynow and again! it helps keep us (a bit more) sane! :D

i've said it before, you don't have to be crazy to have POTS, but it helps!! lol

hope the sandman comes for all us insomniacs! love & light, lulu :D

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