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Hi everyone

At my last visit with Dr. Grubb we talked about my symptoms worsening because I am starting

to go through menapause. I'm noticeing alot of 40 ish ladies on the board and wonder if you can give

me some insight. and advice :)



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i'm not quite 40 yet, but i'm beginning early menopause, hooray (not at 35, ugh) :) it is wreaking havoc on my body. i would also love to hear if anyone has any ideas that have helped....my doc wants to do a partial hysterectomy! i've heard dr. grubb say before that dysautonomia gets worse w/ menopause and i'm kinda terrified! :)

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I'm now 50 and in full blown menopause since about March 2006 .

I had a hysterectomy at 35 after having my last baby , unfortunately 5 weeks after having him whilst getting a bit of shopping ( a frozen chicken actually) something moved and fell away :blink: .............the shop thought I was having a baby !

So I was left with just on ovary to keep me going.

All was well hormone wise until about Jan of this year then my hormones went from normal to nil in a matter of about 6 weeks................it was awful.

I now take HRT via a tablet form, the problems I have had to deal with ontop of the pots and all my other conditions are as follows;

Excessive sweating on top of my normal excessive sweating ( horrendous)

Inability to sleep.

Small break out of occasional spots on chin ( all gone now thank goodness )

Some slacking of muscle control causing slight incontenence.

A stone and a bit of weight went on especially around my waist and hips :) which I'm now trying to shift via diet.

I take clonidine for the sweats and the incontinence as well as the HRT, I can take diazepam for sleep as well as zopiclone when I've had enough and am dieing on my feet from lack of sleep.

I dont have the red face flushes or the mood swings ...........but then I am a laid back kind of person and have never had a mood swing in my life ...........honestly!!!! even my husband cant believe his luck.

As for any lack of lubrication............well I couldnt tell you as this is something hubby and I are unable to 'partake of' :) to ill, to hot, to much pain, to tired and to drugged up to get any response from either of us !!!!

Hope this helps, but the main thing is to relax take advice from your doctor, try what's offered ( you can always come off it again) and remember ..........we all go through it at sometime.


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I also had a hysterectomy in my mid 30's, they left one ovary which worked til I was about 45. Then I used the Climara patch (estrogen) for 3 years. Did you have your estrogen level checked to see where you are at? The patch works like a charm. I don't use anything now. I started on a low dose of celexa in May and that has helped my hot flashes. I don't think menopause made much of a difference in my POTS symptoms. For me the hot flashes and night sweats are the worst.

Good luck


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I had a complete hysterectomy and wasn't allowed to go on HRT because I've had tumors removed from my right breast and breast cancer runs in my family.

I can tell you that my life took a quick and sudden turn for the worse after this surgery. I felt "better" because I had been bleeding for 16 months straight prior to the surgery and having no uterus made that stop, but, overall, I did notice a huge increase in all my other symptoms/issues. Of course, since I'm still not officially DX, I can't say that it was (for sure) my MVPS.

It does suck, though, regardless of what you want to call it.


PS- I had my surgery when I was 29 years old. I'm 34 now and I still don't feel good. :(

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