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Summer Heat

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THe summer heat is why I am as symtomatic as I am. I am not to go out doors at all when it is hot out. I live in Fl so that is next to impossible. I cannot breath when I am out in the hot weather, My heart starts beating so fast I cannot stand it.

All I can do is smypothize with you and tell you I know how you feel.

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Where in FL do you live? I am down in Tampa FL right now on vacation and we are thinking about moving down here in August- but I tell ya I am not looking forward to this heat. Although, I figure it will be the opposite of living up north- stay inside during summer and come out the other 9 months of the year, which *might* be better for me :rolleyes: I had a lot of trouble for the past few winters with the extreme cold, and we came to FL during Christmas to visit my parents and I felt GREAT in the 65-70 degree weather! Returned home and felt yucky again until March/April when our weather warmed up a little.

So Lois- I am finding the pool to be the only way I can tolerate getting some sunshine- but even then I can only stay out for 30-45 minutes at a time. And I get pretty tired just from that- I also remember someone talking about getting cool packs for the neck, I think that would be great if you were attending an outdoor function where you had to be outside for a while, in addition to tons of ice water and electrolyte drinks of course- but you know this already, lol :D I've also been walking the baby around the block in the evening time when it cools down so at least he gets out some too.

Stay C B)B) L everyone!!

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Hello,I have this problem also.Dr. Fealey at the Mayo recommended 1 to 2 coated full strenght asprins a day to help with temp regulation.I just started taking them yesterday and it is cool and rainy here so I can't say if it helps yet.Dr said it lowers the brain set point temp. Hopefully it will work..I'll let you know.BUT...he also said it can cause bleeding ulcers if you take too much and if you already have ulcers it makes it really bad. :rolleyes: Anyway,something to talk to your Dr about..it might help.


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metoo, keep us posted on how the asprin works out. I'll try anything to try to stay cooler.

Summer IS a real drag. I am not looking forward to the long summers we have here. I already had a bad brush with the heat last week and spent 2 days in bed recovering.

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We are the opposite of the north, you are cold most of the year we are hot almost all year. There were many Christmas' where you wore shorts. THe one thing that is bad is summer has just started and the real hot months have'nt even got here yet.

You aked me where I am, I am about 30 miles from Daytona Bch and 30 miles away from Orlando. My doctor says I can't go out at all during the day but after sun down I'm ok if it is not to heavey out.

I also have a little one she is 3 yrs old and I have an eleven yr old to. We play outside after 5pm. I hope you get to enjoy most of your vaction anyways.

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Valiant Effort-

That really seems most logical to me to go out after 5pm- especially when you have kids that want to go out and play. It hurts me sometimes...Ethan goes to the door several times each day and says "out, out" and I can't explain to a toddler that mommy can't play outside when it's a hundred degrees!! It really has gotten a lot warmer just since I've been here the past 3 weeks, and to think the hotter months are ahead- uugghh. But summer will pass quickly and the not-so-tortourous weather will come soon enough. In the meantime, try to enjoy the nice evenings :rolleyes:

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Hi Goldicedance,

I have decided to hibernate for the summers. :rolleyes: Just Kidding. A great option is A personal Cooling System from Sharper Image. I will enclose the information below. This item has been know to keep you feeling 20 degrees cooling then the temperature outside. Check it out at the store nearest you first but I guarantee you will like it!

Good luck!


Product Information

Personal Cooling System 2.0



Be comfortable anywhere, even on the hottest days!

Contains a patented, miniature evaporative-cooling system your entire body enjoys up to four hours of relief.

Fill with a few ounces of water, place around neck and switch on.

Quiet motor drives a tiny fan that creates evaporative cooling.

Special Offers:

Free Personal Mini Fan with purchase of a Personal Cooling System? 2.0. Offer good through June 30, 2004. (Limited to stock on hand).

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At 39 years into this, I've still not found an answer to that question. I do find that a.c. is my best bet.

I've been pondering getting a cooling vest. Anyone out there have one yet? Do you like it?



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