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Allergies/allergic Reaction Can They Contribute To This??


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Hi folks

I'm wondering ... has any of you ever experienced "brain squeezing" due to severe allergies or allergic reactions to things???

i ask b/c i've noticed that the past 4-5 times i've gottne fluids ive had an allergic reaction to the detergent that is used to wash the linens at the hospital... only we didnt figure that out ntil recently.. well once i am in full rash itchie mode.. in short order the squeezing feeling in my brain starts..

and the pressure and squeezing tends to build.. even if the rash has gone away....any one deal with this or notice that this short of feeling happens after an allergy trigger or allergic reaction? it does happen though when i dont notice a reaction to anything as well.. maybe i am grasping at straws here,,, but my other thought goes to mca too...

i dont know i just want it to stop!

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hey, & i thought i was the only weirdo allergic to the hospital soap! :) isn't it fun? NOT!

whenever i've had an allergic reaction, i've been able to get relief from benadryl....and hopefully i get it in time so that i don't have a full-body reaction to the allergen! i'm terribly allergic to peanuts and have to be super duper careful not to get any hints of it.....don't know what that 15 year old epi pen would do to me now! (i would guess if i went into anaphylaxis, i'd need the epi to breathe, and then they'd worry about the tachy later? i guess i should look into this... :) wonder how i forgot about that? wait, i know, it's me, in perpetual POTs brain fog, duh)

anyhoo, linda, yeah, when i had my really bad allergic reactions to peanuts i would that all swelled up feeling. thankfully in more recent (POTS) years, i've been able to catch the itchies before it gets to that point and of course i avoid any foods that have even a hint of peanuts in them.

do you think it could be a latex allergy to the tubing or adhesive tapes from your IV therapy? if you're sure it's the linens, make sure you bring your own...i know it's a pain in the patootie (i'd have to do it too, but generally i am only getting the litre for about 20 minutes...i can usually handle it "wide open" and so i'm not there too long...but i know for many POTsers they have to infuse s-l-o-w-l-y) but anyways the more you're exposed to the allergen the worse your reactions will get! yikes!

sorry you're going through all this crud!! hang in there! :):):)

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Hi, dizzygirl.

There is a whole book about it called Brain Allergies, by Philpott and Kalita. When your body is distributing fluid incorrectly, or just holding lots of fluid (such as trying to dilute an allergen), the body can swell, but the brain can only squeeze upon itself.

The trick is, of course, to figure out what is doing it. Their work as I recall was largely with foods, but lots of clinical allergists look to airbornes and contact substances.

Best of luck. Sounds miserable.


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Just wanted to let you know that I get the brain squeezing..like right now. :ph34r:

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hi.. Um yeah i have a latex and an adhesive allergy.. they have use ed no latex in any thing .. i asked them.. and they usually put a latex allert up on my door as well..

Um i have my fluid run in over 12 hours.. 1500cc's..and half way thru like clock work i get that squueezing! UGH

but yeah.. i never thought of being allergic to the detergent/linens that they use at the hospital.. i should have b/c i' only have like on detergent that i canuse at home.. and one type of dryer sheets too! its a pain in the rear to be allegic to such odd ball things..

all i know is i want the brain sueezing to stop it really bites!

thanks for the pointers....

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