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Stomach Cramps

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So, I had a pretty bad today....Usual symptoms and I found out that I have strep throat..Now I have bad stomach cramps due to the meds the docs gave me..azithromycen, which is the generic for Zithromax...

Today, I thought I was going to pass out because it was hot out. I actually had to wet a paper towel and put an ice cube in it to keep from passing out...

Anyhow, my question is whether there is anything to take for the stomach cramps, that are most likely due to the med...Mostly I would like something over the counter...Just curious if anyone has any ideas!



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Sorry to hear about your bad day. :) I ahd the same thing when I took Zithromax. I got cramps so bad I just rolled around in the bed. I could not even sleep due to how bad they where. I had to stop taking in. With the other meds you are on I would call the doctor and let them know how you feel and see if there is somthing over the counter, or if there is another med they can call in that is no going to bother you as much.

Hope you start feeling better soon! :)

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Guest dionna

i agree. or you could try calling the pharmasist. i got strep throat a month after i first starting passing out. it was horrible. i actually vomited a lot which kept me dehydrated. i like i slept through most of though. i can't recall actually but i am pretty sure i did since i don't remember much. can't remember the day if i am asleep the entire time, right? good luck to you and i hope it clears soon. be sure to wash everything so you don't get it again. i usually get it back to back to back. i should just get my tounsels out but.... can't have ice cream anyway so what's the point? just kidding. take care okay.

dionna :)

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