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Hey all! I am not new to reading the site, just new to joining.I definately am not new to POTS! I have had it since 1990. I was finally diagnosed in 2000. For the first 20 years of my life I was very healthy. But in 1990 it was all to sudden. I did have thyroid disease though, But even when my levels would Show up normal for years after being treated ,but I always still felt just plain not right.Mostly symptoms of getting out of breathe when climbing stairs or doing such little things. It would go off and on through the years But finally in 2000 the very minute the new year ball dropped on tv...I felt so weird..Not like anything I felt before.The through the week I started getting numbness on my left side of my head and just couldn't do anything anymore. Then I started to feel somewhat better. But I still knew I had to get to the docs and figure this crap out. I went to a great doc, who tried everything but she just couldn't figure it out. She sent me to an Endo. and I got the tilt table test. I was finally diagnosed!!!! I thought ok i'm gonna get better with some pills , Right?? wrong...we all know there isn't a magic pill. I tried florinef, but no results...I was couch ridden.. but I could still do things just had a major limit. He also said seeing a therapist would be benificial because of the anxiety I had went through all these years. Well I take Paxil 20 mg. And 1 ativan a day as needed. I feel much better now. My life gotton back to being somewhat normal. after years :rolleyes: Although I have been on a bad flare up this past week...I am just tired and feel more anxious and that. Sorry I wrote so much.....I guess my question is..Does anyone else have the flare ups now and then? :(


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Guest dionna

you didn't write too much, don't worry. welcome to the forum. i hope that you get your flare up eased and you get to enjoy some good days soon! good luck and take care of yourself.

dionna :)

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welcome! i always write too much, & i don't think you did at all :) (i need an editor!)

so sorry you're having flareups--but that's usually all they are, bumps in the road that are frustrating and then you can resume your normal level of functioning. i find my anxiety often contributes to my POTS and NCS and ativan is helpful.

what are your flareups like? what do you usually do to make them easier? on occasion, i'm able to learn from my flareups and prevent the next ones that are like it. i wish i could learn more and get sick less, but hey? that's dysautonomia for ya.

i do hope you feel better soon and welcome again :)



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Hi and welcome,

That was not long at all! I also have flare ups, which I think is one of the reasons I have not been able to be dx. Then off and on meds I'm sure doesn't help.

I wish you the best.


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