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Sleeping Disorders - Insomnia

Guest danielvasel


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Guest danielvasel

before i had POTS, i used to be a "great sleeper"... i was really good at it!!!! :)

3 months ago the tachycardia started... and a month later I started to have problems sleeping...

I?ve read that most of people who have POTS have problems sleeping.....

if i lie down the whole day, the chances I get a good night of sleep are great...

if I stand for more than 2/3 hours during the day, I won?t sleep well for sure...

so what should I do? lie down the whole day? hmmmm, it?s a big "dilemma", I can either spend the day doing nothing and have a good night of sleep, or I can do "whatever" i want to do during the day, and suffer during the night...

is it just me? or do you guys face the same dilemma? and if so, how do you deal with it?

i?ve considered taking sleeping meds.... but i still haven?t taken it.... i keep reading about the terrible side effects of them, like amnesia for example... so I?ve concluded that they are dangerous, even for ordinary people...

and then i came to know that people who have POTS symptoms have to be even more careful with them...

and there?s another thing, i?ve read that you can?t take sleeping meds for too long, cuz it?s addicting, and soon your body will get used to it, and it will not have any effects anymore... so you?ll have to increase the dosage....

so thanks for reading this post....

take care you all


well, im sorry, i forgot to add a choice on the last pool "i have never taking any sleeping meds"

is there anyway I can fix it?

anyways, if you?ve never taken any meds for sleeping, please vote on "i couldn?t handle the side effects, so i stopped taking it?(the third option)

thank you

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I've had insomnia my whole life. I mean, it. MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!

I've tried various things and the thing that's weird about me, (well one of the things, anyway) is that sometimes sleeping pills (or any drug/med/alcohol/whatever) knock me on my butt and other times, I get no effect from them at all. Nothin'. No go. Is that weird or what? Does anyone else feel this way, too? It's like, feast or famine. Either I'm over the top super hyper sensitive to whatever I've taken, or not at all. Nowhere in between, either.

So, I'll try to take the sleeping pills and either they work TOO well or not at all. Basically, I sleep about 3-4 hours a night, but then I take a nap, so I answered that I get about 4-6 hours of sleep because of that.


PS - Oh, BTW, I think (pretty sure) that I have the hyperadregenic version of POTS. Anyone else think that this might be the reason why some of us sleep too little and others too much??? (Just my ignorant theory!!)


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Hi Daniel -

You bring up an interesting relationship between physical activity and the insomnia. Ten years ago, when I was 22 I first experienced prolonged insomnia. It was during a bicycle tour where we would ride about 100 km a day, usually done by lunch time. I had insomnia the whole week despite getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night. It got better after that week. In the last few years I go through periods of insomnia regularly, but for the last 3 weeks or more I've been really helped by Lunesta for sleeping. Who knows if it will keep working or if I develop tolerance to it?

You are doing the right thing by taking small steps, and I really think that you can hold on to the hope that you will have periods of time where you are doing much better. That is the case for many of us, though it doesn't go away.

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I never had insomnia until I started the beta blocker. Falling asleep is never a problem, but I wake up and that is all she wrote. The doctors couldn't figure a way around this as I didn't want to take sleep meds (never took them so on your poll I voted "couldn't handle..."). The pharmacist suggested taking the BB just as I was going to bed so I would be sound asleep when it hit. It worked pretty well, but not 100%. Now that I am reducing the BB, I am sleeping better.

When things were the worst, I took 5-HTP and the Revitalizing Sleep Formula by Integrative Therapeutics. I also would take extra magnesium and l-theanine. These often helped me get back to sleep. Everyone is different, so that is not a recommendation for you, just what worked for me.

It is bad enough to have symptoms, but to lie awake with them is even worse. I hope you get this figured out.


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It is bad enough to have symptoms, but to lie awake with them is even worse. I hope you get this figured out.


i will certainly agree with that!!! :(:D insomnia is like torture! i can't think of anything but sleeping, but can't sleep. :D:):o

i hope the Sandman comes for us all! :P

:P lulu

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