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Please Keep Melissa (sunfish) In Your Thoughts And Prayers

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Hi everyone,

Please keep Melissa in your thoughts and prayers. Her central line is infected. Luckily, they caught the infection before it spread to her bloodstream. She's awaiting a meeting with the surgeon to see if they are going to take the central line out.


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Melissa, I (and Teri, and the kitties, Jeronimoh and Abbigail), are sending your our best good thoughts that you heal quickly! Love, Nina

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Take good care of yourself!! I'm so glad that "they" figured it out before things got super bad.......

Get plenty of rest and listen to your body, as I know you already do!!!!



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AWWW, so sorry to hear your back in the hospital! I hope you recover quickly, and they get everything under control.

My prayers are with you...((((HUGS))))


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You poor thing. I do hope your up and feeling better soon. Thank goodness that they found the infection before it spread.

Do feel better soon! ! ! :)

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Thanks for letting us know about Melissa..


I hope you feel better soon. I'm glad that they did find the infection before it spread any further....


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oh my melissa.. i am glad that they caught that injection before it spread into your blood stream.. my goodness.. please take care and know that we are rrooting for ya!!

get better soon



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A little more scoop on Melissa...

She had been feeling extra icky, like her TPN had been laced with heavy-duty benedryl...

Then, she woke up Saturday with fever, chills, shakes, pain around the site....

Soooo....she had to call 911, her parents zipped down from Toledo and they admitted her Saturday nite. She had a crazy reaction to antibiotics and well, she just never has a dull moment does she??? :)

She spent the weekend pretty drugged up for pain and on heavy duty antibiotics. Last night she left me a message, and let's just say, she's a FUNKY FISH on morphine!

Today, she was off of it and called me right at noon when she knows I wake up and she sounded much better. Today, she was feeling better than she has since Thursday...(although, 'better' for her is not exactly running marathons, as we all know)

She hasn't been able to get her TPN nutrition and they are still deciding about whether or not they will have to pull the central line and place a new one. YUCK!

The only good thing is that the infection, as Michelle said, did not spread to her bloodstream. But, there is still swelling around the site, so they are going to check for a blood clot tomorrow.

If no blood clot, then they can flood the line with abx and she will be able to keep the line.

If a blood clot, then she will have to have the line pulled. Weird thing is that she had a PICC line for 4 months with no problems and they are so much more likely than a central line to get infected. As she would say.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

So, she is much more stable than she was over the weekend, thank goodness....but still has a few hurdles to go with the central line stuff....

I am sure Michelle and I will keep you updated as we know the scoop....:)


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