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Pots And Enzyme Treatment

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Has anyone ever heard of this? A good friend of mine is a practioner in enzyme therapy and of course wants me to try it (alot like the magnet therapy post- anything that works awsome- but people put alot of pressure on you to try everything!) This lady thinks that if I take these stomach enzymes it wil help with my vommiting?! It lines the stomach back up. She also was telling me that I should NOT take antacid meds becuase I need the acid to digest.. true.. then my pharmacutical aunt tells me to take something becuase I am burning my esophugus.. true too!! Any thoughts on this one?! I know every one means well.... but sometimes the imput is hard to take.. cause if you dont do it you are labeled as you 'dont really want to get better'! Thoughts?!! :lol:

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My experience with this was negative. The enzymes really burned me and gave me worse heartburn. The "protector" did nothing. I went back to Prilosec as that worked.

Good luck. It sound really promising and logical. It just doesn't help heal you.

P.S. The only enzymes I could tolerate were the prescription enzymes they give to people with pancreas problems. These do not break up until they are past the stomach so they didn't bother me. The gastro let me try them. I'm not sure they did anything but give me loose stools, so I discontinued them.

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