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These Beta Blockers Are Making Me Evil.....

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Okay, so I finally got my "BLESSED" script for Beta Blockers from my "lovely" PA at that great appt. week before last.............then I went on vacation with my family. Oh boy. I was so excited for both occurences. I thought that the Beta Blockers would give me some sense of relief and that the vacation would do me good (we haven't been on one in 10 years!!!). Anyway, I had already posted (before I left) that I had taken the betas for a day or two and that I was about to crawl out of my skin. I got a few replies that said that the same thing happened to them, but that it only lasted about 4 days. I got that same number from a couple of different people, so I assumed (not a nice word is it??) that I would follow suit and after four days, I would be myself again!! Oh no.........no, no!!!!

I'm a full psycho B*&%&H on this drug. I can't sleep. I mean, at all when I take it. Even with sleeping pills (namely Lunesta and Ambien and OTC Tylenol PM). I feel like I'm on speed the entire day and night. I had called the Cardio back (see previous posting by me for that lovely scenario) and see told me that this is impossible, period.

Am I crazy? Am I bi-polar and don't know it? I've read that Betas can make bi-polar folks worse. But, my husband is bi-polar and we don't have any personality traits in common, I mean, NONE!! My half sister was DX bi-polar, but, we don't think that that was a true DX for her. She was a moody teenager and now, is quite level and hasn't needed any meds for years. My husband, however, is not fit for man nor beast if he misses even one dose of his meds.

I really just need to know that maybe this is just another one of those ways that my body OVERREACTS to medication. I always seem to. I mean, that's why I'm doubly shocked that the sleeping pills didn't push my into unconciousness. Normally, I can take a Tylenol and feel sleepy.


I've stopped taking them, for the time being. Which does kinda suck, because I was feeling better as far as the chest pain, palps and all that stuff goes. I just can't take that hyper alert, hyper witchy feeling anymore. My poor family!! I mean, I totally ruined our only vacation in ten years!!! :):):):)

Thanks for listening y'all.........I didn't mean to vent so long...........whew............I do feel better, as it goes!!


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think i wrote b4...but i've tried==toprol xl, betaxolol, tenormin, and lopressor[same as toprol xl, but not extended release].

am now tolerating inderal--5 mg/5 x/day........[low doses thru 24 hrs]

only diff i know---is inderal is 'nonselective'....and others above are 'selective' beta blockers.

can't tell you mechanism of those two descriptions...tho'...

all i know...is lopressor was THE worse====i was full of extreme depression...and very eerie thoughts====was horrible!NEVER BEEN THERE....BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!

just thought i'd let you know what one finally is tolerable to me.

sooooo sorryyyy bout your vacation, et all....really $$^##&&'s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

we are weary...and i am sorry, hun

let us know how you are....when you up to it!



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bec-- yeah beta blockers have made me feel like the devil himself crawled inside my body more then once.. and i knew that it wasnt my normal personality..(i;m typically pretty easy going and mild mannered).. but i was on a bb about 4 yrs back that was horrid..I couldnt believe the quick changes in my personality and the not so nice stuff that would fly out of my mouth after taking this med.. it was verapamill that i was on.. OOOOOOH bad med for me! and there are a few other.. but i cant wuite think of the nam,es of them...

can you talk with your actually cardiologist and request maybe adifferent med? I kn ow that trying new meds is rough.. but then again you dont want to feel like you are the exorcist or something wacked out like that....

hang in there dear i really hope that you find a med that works well for you!


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I have been SUPER ****** for about 2 weeks and I started Beta Blockers 3 wks ago. I am always mild mannered a nd the quiet type but boy have I just been ragging on everyone lately. I feel so bad but I can't calm down. I never thought it would be the meds.

They are really helping my migraines alot and that's why they were prescribed

I don't know what to do stop or put up with my new personality

Hang in there and hopefully your doc will find something that works. Sorry about your vacation :lol:


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Guest dionna

propanonal knocked me out and made me faint more. i was told to never accept another beta blocker. the midodrine gave me the effects that you are venting about. yeah i know it is bad for you. i am sorry you have to deal with it as well.

ps i know i'm not bi-polar. i always have the same attitude. always smiling

dionna :) (like here)

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I wanted to drop a line and let you know that I got really depressed like hospital depressed the first time I took them ( High does of toprol xl, I think it was about 2 1/2 weeks into the I was so depressed, I couldn't take it, needless to say I ended up into the hospital. What my cardio and I learned it that the BB make me depressed. So know I always take a SSRI, or mood stablizer with the BB, when they increase the BB the also the SSRI. I know it may sound odd, but it has helped, and I have no problems feeling crasy in over 3 years. Just a thought for you. :)

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