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Blood Drawn

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Can getting blood drawn make you exhausted??? I am usually tired, but all of a sudden I need sleep

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generally no, (though nothing is impossible.) i would think it more likely that if you're someone who particularly doesn't like getting blood drawn the stress of getting poked itself could wipe you out. and/or combine that with the fact that it's still not exactly cool out, you've had a fairly busy week, etc.

i know that you said you had a number of tubes drawn (7 i think) but that's still really a miniscule amount of blood; it looks like a lot more than it actually is. i have had up to 14-15 vials taken at one time with no ill effects other than being as wiped out as i always would be from a lengthy time at the doctor office/lab. and i have a minimum of 3 taken weekly (b/c of my being on TPN). when in the hospital i have had a minumum of 2-3 taken daily.

giving/donating blood is an entirely different story with an entirely different answer. that can definitely do a number on people with dysautonomia and particularly those with low blood volume. it is not recommended as it makes many worse, sometimes for a significant amount of time. i learned the hard way as i donated before i had a diagnosis (or was even looking for one) and got VERY ill, blacked out entirely several hours after (for the first time ever), etc.

so....my short answer to your question is probably not. i would hazard to say that there are likely a number of other factors that are much more likely culprits.

:) melissa

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you are probably right...i guess i didn't think about it not being that much blood.

i do know, though, when i got the lyme testing done it was about 17 vials and i really did get sick from that. i don't have any problems with getting blood drawn...i was already pretty weak by the end of the appt. and needed to eat some trail mix and drink some gatorade afterwards i got the blood drawn...so who knows...

i couple of vials or 4 or 5 doesn't bother me though...



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p.s. other factors though, like melissa said, i was just thinking about the 'challenged phlebotomists' as i like to call them who 'dig' around for veins or hit the vein wrong so that it hurts the whole time they are taking blood...this can make me feel dizzy or sweaty b/c of the pain response but not b/c of the blood i'm losing!

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Giving a blood sample usually wears me out as well.... I usually get really stressed about it and I often get light-headed or dizzy....I guess this is why it wears me out?

When I gave blood for my blood volume test I was extremely weak afterwards. (that was about a dozen vials) I am definitely hypovolemic and I do wonder how this plays into things.

Interesting post...you're not alone,


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Guest dionna

well i have fainted after getting blood drawn as well as with innoculations. i know i'm not afraid of the needle. i have tattoos! i just stay seated longer and i let them know i have problems with it. usually i am symptomatic at the time that i am going to be getting the blood drawn anyway. mostly er visits or like when i stayed at the hospital for 8 months and had appointments all the time. but they are right... it isn't that much blood at all. if you donated blood... that would be different. that is a lot of blood and shouldn't be done. you would be out for sure. take care and i hope you feel better later.

dionna :)

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