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Hi guys,

I just got back from my first apptmt with the Endo at Boston Medical Center. She was great! They took 7, yes 7 vials of blood!! They are doing all sorts of blood tests and they also want me to do 3, 24 hour urine tests, so they can compare the results....

They are thinking I may have a tumor in my adrenal gland(s)..While I was being examined I actually began to get the flushing and sweats bad..This happened like 4 times in the office, so I'm glad the docs got to see what happens first hand. They couldn't believe all the symptoms I have, on top of everything else.

I won't have the test results back for a while, but I was just curious who has gotten tested for pheochromocytoma...?


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I have never had the test, but I wanted to drop a line and say I am happy for you that you appoitment went well. I am hope that you will find some answers to everything going on! I wish you the best and please keep us posted as you find out!

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That's one of the first things my now endocrinologist and ANS doc tested for years ago. He did a poor man's tilt table test on me and then ordred oodles of blood work.

We ruled it out and I hope you do too. BUT it IS GOOD you got so symtomatic IN FRONT OF THE DOC!! But it sounds like they are ruling out lots of things and I did the urined catches a few times..some 24 hr and some for just 8 hrs....we kept trying to catch me when "I was symptomatic" as my endocrinologist believes hormones can wax and wane on their own and NOT show up on standard tests.

Great having a doc that likes to try and rule out things.

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hey jacquie,

that was the first test my electrophysiologist made me have. they did the 24 hour urine. i dont remember them drawing any blood to test it though (except for when i went to mayo clinic in march and they had me lay down and then stand and they drew blood before and after standing to compare the levels of catecholamines - i guess if your catechol's are like super high, they start looking into pheochromocytoma as a possibility)..........hope you get some answers!

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