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Orthastatic Intolerance


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You really need to discuss this with your Doctor. There are so many beta-blockers on the market today that I am sure they can find one that works a little better with your system. From personal experience, it takes my body about 7-10 days to become adjusted to any type of medication and nausea is always the worse side effect for me.

I researched the atenolol you are taking and it states that severe nausea is a known side effect.

Good Luck and I hope you feel better soon!


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I would talk to your doctor. Sometimes when I start meds I get side effect that will go away woth time, but try to ask your doctor, as there are other meds they can try if that one does not work! I hope you start feeling better soon.

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i agree wholeheartedly with other posters. you should talk to your doc. one of the side effects of beta blockers is orthostatic hypotension with the first few doses and nausea goes along with atenolol. whatever you are on, it will take awhile for your body to adjust...and it's been used to working with a flawed system..so now that you are fixing it, your body is going through some changes and gonna try to give you some static. what else is new for us, huh?

try to move slowly and breathe deeply and slowly before you get up or move around. sometimes peppermints or ginger help with nausea, or taking the med with food if it bothers your stomach really bad. hope you feel better! peace, lulu

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