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Swollen Hands And Feet

Guest dionna

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Guest dionna

so today i went outside for about an hour with my mom and cousin while they were preparing the ground to plant flowers. i am so tired of the indoors and i know it was hot so i stayed on the porch with plenty of the H2O. then i got even more bored so i walked around the house twice... just strolling along. then my cousin asked if i wanted to water a few flowers to have something to do. within 15 minutes (in the shade even just before dark) my hands and feet swelled up really bad and they even burned severly. esp my feet cause i had to walk on the. they appeared to be a bright red and were "glossy" even. i was lightheaded or anything. does this happen to any of you?

dionna :)

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I get swollen hands and feet all the time. In fact I get it so often (every morning when I wake up and when I exercise or am exposed to heat). I have seen my hands get red and somewhat smooth or glossy-looking when they are really swollen and stetched to the max. The burning feeling rarely happens to me- but I do have difficulty moving them when they're really swollen and they do hurt a little at the joints.

I assumed that this swelling was due to the pooling of excess blood to the extremities due to POTS.....but when I visited my dr. yesterday she sent me for some blood work to rule out some other things (ex: rheumatoid arthritis).

I hope that the swelling has gone down for you.

Take care.

Age: 27

Dx: POTS (2006), allergies since I was a small child, chronic sinusitis

Meds: Nasonex

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i am bringing this up again because i have a bad migraine and a lot of swelling in my fingers, toes, and face. all i have been doing is laying in bed trying to get rid of the migraine. does anyone else have this? do you know why? any thing out there to help with it? thank you in advance.

dionna B)

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