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Pots And Alcohol

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Just a questions - not that I'm an alcoholic or have to drink but I was told to avoid alcohol. Before Dx I was a social drinker. One drink now and then with the neighbors on the patio or a beer when we went out for dinner, drank at party's, holidays, special occasions - that type of drinker. Just wondering what others think??? I have seen reference to going out to a bar (didn't indicate beverage drank) and someone list red wine in treatment. Just feel like I might enjoy a drink sometime but scared to have one.

Party Woman (NOT)


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Don't have an answer for you as I'm new to the group, but thanks for asking. I was wondering the same thing. I'm originally from Green Bay, and this may be Brett Farve's last year (Packers)...could be a long season without a brewskie in there somewhere!


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When I was at Vanderbilt, I was told to have wine only at home. I did restrict any alcohol to when I was home until I realized that I could handle one or two glasses of wine when we went out to dinner. Last Sunday having lunch with friends, I had a margeritta with no ill effects. I refused the second one. I believe that aside from the effect that alcohol has with dysautonomia some of the problem has to do with the blood going to the stomach to digest food after eating. I think with me that it takes less blood to digest alcohol than it does food. Therefore, when I go out to dinner, I watch the amount of food I eat and I can then handle some wine. I do enjoy it once in a while. My advice is to try it at home where you are safe before trying it anywhere else. For what it is worth, I have PAF rather than POTS.

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Alchohol provokes vasodialation, and also dehydration--both of which lower blood pressure.


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For myself, it all depends on how I am feeling....

Last Christmas, I felt awful after just 1/2 glass of wine! A few weeks ago, went to a BBQ and I drank 3 beer and felt good....as a matter of fact....started feeling REALLY good. :D The difference for me was at Christmas, too much food (along with sweets) and the old Christmas stress thrown in....

At the BBQ....more relaxed, munched on some salty chips and peanuts and sipped slowly.... Hubby was so surprised!! (it was his beer I was drinking) :P

I seldom drink but I will if... I am feeling well

I have had a small meal in my stomach

I am in a relaxed situation and can sit down comfortablely (not jumping up and

down serving others) :D

My problem is really high blood pressure, and I know everyone is different but it works for me


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As Nina states, alcohol can exaccerbate symptoms. I cannot tolerate more than a few sips of wine--I get POTS symptoms with any more than that, which is typical. If you find that alcohol does not cause worsening of symptoms there may be no reason to avoid it--talk to your doctor who told you to avoid it.


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