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Cramp In Head And Stomach

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The last 2 days I've been having a really strange feeling somewhat scary because I never felt this before, anyways I have a crampy feeling in my head and the same exact feeling in my stomach. I really feel like the blood is not flowing to those parts of my body. My neck hurts because my head feels so heavy (not a migraine feeling) and I also feel alittle lightheaded.

It is a really strange sensation and I don't like it. There's no point in calling my doctor because she will not help me over the phone and probally not know what to do in person either.

Anyone ever experience this?


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yeah i get cramps in my head as well as my tummy.. Um have you tried really louding up on salt and fluids .. to see if that helps you?

I know sometimes when i "feel" dehydrated or something.. that if i load up on salt and fluids that it once in a while helps with the cramps..

the cramps in your head.. do they feel like charlie horses? like you get in your legs and feet?? that is what mine feel like.. and it messed wit my vision as well..

hope that you feel better soon dear

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