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Medical Id Bracelets-what Does Yours Say? Anyone Make There Own?

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Ok, I have been putting it off, but now I need one, because they asked me to wear one at school, so I have been on computer for over an hour looking? They look so....yukky. I am not sure what to put on it, or should i get the one from medical alert that has a phone # on it with all my info and lists just POTS...? Then they can call and get my whole med story. Should I just get the id part and make a bracelet I like. I know someone here does that??? I don't know why this is such a hard decision?

Kim :blink:

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Kim, i got one of their new sport bracelets. it a is black band with the ingo on a silver medic alert bracelet on the front. i picked it because i am allergic to some metals. it kinds looks nice with all my bracelets my mom makes me near it. it blends. i only fear it blends so much, someone wont notice it when they look for one.

mine says vasovagal syncopee( the one most of the EMTs seem to recognise most here) it also says i take florinef since it is a cortosteroid the hospital needs to know that most. that is what all the nursed and dr.s i know said.

it also has my medicc alert # and the 800 number.


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When I started looking I thought the same thing. What I did was order a ID band and then got glass beads that I liked and spacers and made my own. I have worn my every day that way for over 2 years now. What mine says is on the front side it has my name, pacemaker, no mri, ( but you could put what ever there) on the back side of mine it has my cardo's name, number, adress, and medical record number ( this way they get my medical records right away, plus it's come in handy if I forget my doctors number, it always on my ID band.)

I know there are many others that where them, hopfully they can also help! Good luck! :blink:

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I maintain a medical alert account for the tag portion of the bracelet, but I make my own bracelets to wear the tag. I posted a complete "how to make your own" section in Chit Chat a few months back. Here's the link


I have all the photos posted on my personal website, step by step. http://www.missmightymouse.com then look at the top bar for "make your own bracelets" link.


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