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Nsaids And Vitamins

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I just read in a healthy living supplement that NSAIDs can deplete your body's stores of certain vitamins and minerals; FX B1-5, C, D, chromium, magnesium, and I think copper. I was just wondering if anyone else here had ever heard that. I know that lots of us take NSAIDs regularly, and I take some vitamins, but not a lot, and not a multi. (Some day, but the good vegan ones are expensive!)

I just hadn't read it anywhere else- on the packages, or in any other medical literature.


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Hi, Lucky.

Every drug has to be handled by the body -- detoxified and eliminated one way or another. To do this, resources are used, such as energy and nutrients. Depending on the detox pathways used (each drug is different) different nutrients are required and may be depleted if the body stores are not sufficient.

It is tough biochemistry, but if you look up in the PDR and read about the metabolism of drugs, and then you look up the pathways mentioned in the PDR, you can figure it out. I don't think it is required info for the package insert because it is probably not tested during drug trials.

It is probably a good idea to eat nutrient rich foods anyway, just to be physiologically prepared.


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