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Thank You / Another hospital stay

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First I just want to say thank you for responding to my call. I was so happy to find out I was not alone, and people really understood what I am going through.

I wanted to respond to you earlier but the night that I sent the post I was put in the hospital and I did not get out until Monday night. The next day I had to get a pic-line put in. When I finally tried to respond I found out I did not know how to get back on line with you. Out of alot of guess work I finally got it I just hope I can keep it.

Many of you ask if I was taken 11 florinef a day and I was, unfortuntly it was not a type error. My regement now is 2 liters of saline every other day with 10 meqs of potassium, 2 proamitine a day, 1 Zoloft, 3, 1mg of xanax 1 potassium by mouth, 1mag.

They can not controll my heart rate and their thinking about putting a pacemaker in. When I take Beta-Blokers it drops my heart rate to 40 or lower and I can't function so they want to put a pace maker in and set it at 60-65 and then put me on beta-blokers. The problem is their not sure what my bp will do. please respond if you ever heard of such a thing.

Again thank you so much for telling me that I am not a whimp I literly cried when my husband read the post back to me.

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Oh my goodness Valiant... 11 florinef is a HUGE dose. Most autonomic specialists will not prescribe any more than 2 (TWO) per day, which is only .2 milligrams (that's point two) per day. You're taking 1.1 milligrams, which is greater than 5 times the typically recommended doseage. Has the doctor provided you with a rationale for such a high dose? I'm not questioning the fact that you may really need that high a level, I've just never spoken to anyone before taking that much, so it's more out of personal curiousity that I ask as I'm always interested in learning more.

Are you seeing an autonomic specialist? If not, I would suggest getting the opinion of one or more of them. See the physician's listing on DINET for docs who are most familiar with these types of disorders.


and there's a listing on NDRF too


So sorry that you were in the hospital...you're sure having a tough time of it!

If you have continuing problems logging in, please email me and I'll glad to help you. Nina

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Wow, that is still quite a regimen! And 11 Florinef? Wouldn't that just about kill someone? How did you feel when you were taking that much?

It sounds like you really are making a "Valiant Effort" and I hope you are recovering well from your hospital stay.

Maybe some others will have more advice to offer about the pacemaker?

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Gee, Valiant Effort,

You really have been through the ringer. Curious as to why you only take 2 midodrine once a day. I had thought (but then again I know things differ) that the dose was generally every 4 hours when you are upright 9or want to be) and even that could be bumped up again if need be.

Now for the pacemaker--I had a pacemaker put in for bradycardia that was caused by a bad sinus node ablation. So that is a different story. If they are just talking about a pacemaker (without ablation) to help with the bradycardia, then, in my expert non-medical advice, might not be so bad. I would certainly get a third opinion or even fourth opinion before going down that road.

Feel better!


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goldicedance is correct that typical midodrine dosing is every four hours, starting with the first dose just as you are getting up in the am...and the last dose 4 hours prior to lying down. I've seen folks on as little as 2.5 mg every 4 hours, to much higher doses every 4 hours. My average was 10 to 12.5 mg every four hours, as high as 15mg if it was a really low bp day for me.

Valiant, I sure hope that your health stabilizes and that you're able to no longer be tethered to saline infusions. :P Nina

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Another question, Valiant...

When you were in the hospital and the decision was made to keep infusing you with additional fluids, what was your input/output like? Were you negative in that you were "putting out" more fluids than you were taking in? One doctor thought I had diabetes insipidus because of the excessive fluid output when it was really related to the extensive amount of IV fluids I was getting.

Would be curious about the rationale for the prettry continuous IV infusions...

Please feel better! :rolleyes:

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