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Eye Probs

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Just curious on this one, but is burning of the eyes a symptom of POTS as well as blurred vision is???

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it could be related to autonomic dysfunction as a result of over sensitivity to light (due to pupils not dilating particularly well) and/ or excessively dry eyes. otherwise it shouldn't be.

if it's something new & bothersome it should be checked out by an eye doc to make sure there's no infection or other acute problem.

B) melissa

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Guest dionna

yeah the dialating of the pupils can cause your eyes to burn if you are getting in too much light i have that problem a lot. blurred vision, yeah i guess... see i don't really understand the tunnel vision, graying out thing. when i feel bad everything is blurry and it spins or flashes or flips around or something but it is usually so quick that i can't tell what is going on i just know i can't see correctly, period. and i of course sit or fall out. so if you are talking about blurred vision in that sense, then yeah i have that. if you are talking about all the time... see an eye doctor. i have a hard time adjusting to distance. its called something fancy of course. they issued me glasses. perhaps you could find help with that. good luck to you and i hope you do better.

dionna :blink:

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