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Dr Appt Tomorrow For Testing.


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I have a full neuro workup in Boston. Wish me lots of luck a TTT and full neuro all the same day. Add in 3 hours of driving and lots of fun should it be!! Yahoo!!

I am not really sure what to expect.What tests have you had for your inital testing at the neuro? The dr said the neuro was going to be doing a sweat test and some others I can?t remember what they were. I will update tomorrow.


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Guest dionna

with neurology i did a lot of EEG's to test for seizures. MRI's. CATscans. plus all of those little: squeeze my fingers, press down, lift up, can you feel this, can you feel that, is this side the same as the other side when i brush you with this, is this hot or cold or either, etc. types of stuff. basically with nuerology i just wanted something for my migraines. to get my diagnoses for that: i just told him the frequency and what they felt like--- atypical complex migraines he told me. and maybe some other stuff with neurology but i cant recall right now. it wasn't much with neurology.

cardiology: wow! i was hospitalized 3 times to do tests with cardiology--- plus all the other little visits to a cardiologist. MRI's, holter monitor x 30days, EKG's gallor, echocardiogram, TTT--- worst time i ever fainted, stress test--- also fainted but not nearly as painful as the TTT, ummm i can't even think but i know it was a lot of stuff. about a year and half of going to doctors atleast once a week if not more!

i hope you did well with your appointment and i hope all works out well for you.

dionna B)

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good luck and I hope they find answers for you... I also hope you're not going alone because you're going to be darned tired at the end of the day. I wouldn't have been able to drive home after my TTT and am so glad a friend took me to the appointment.


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