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Technical Question About Sweating .......

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Right , this is starting to drive me mad. :angry:

Is there anyone out there who can find out why I sweat like I'm in the boxing ring WHEN I LAY DOWN....... and I dont just mean at night .

I am on HRT for the menopause which came on full in about two months , missing out all the pre-menopausal stage and went 'BANG' ........... BUT I have been sweating since 2000 really badly , but mostly when I see or smell food...........eat food ( I dont know what to do with myself then )

But the worst problem is laying down.

If I get tired in the afternoon ( ha ! if .... thats a good one ) I go and lay down on the bed........sweats start.

If I get tired early evening .........lay down.........sweats start.

Bed time.........lay down.......sweats start.

As I drift into sleep at night and wake up again...........sweats start.

In fact I think I sweat on and off most of the night because I'm so thirsty when I wake up its unbelievable how much I can drink.

If I wake up and am unwell and so have to stay in bed .........sweats start.

Why , Oh ! , Why do I sweat when I lay down???????

Cannot find anything on the net .................come on guys , you are clever , give us a hand or point me in the right direction................ :P


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i wish i had an idea on why. i do the same thing. my dh is going nuts over this. we have been married for 11 years, and it has been so bad for the last year he keeps asking me if i am going through monopause early. (i turned 33 this month)

from what i am going through it seems that i sweat because i wrap myself up. but that is not the only reason, because he says i sweat when i have no sheets or blankets on as well.

sorry this isnt more help. i know it is related to my NCS though because it has happened as the flares get worse.


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I do the same thing but it is only from the waist down and my Docs simply say it's because I have an increase in bp when lying flat. However, I think it is because my body does not know when to function correctly so it thinks it needs to release heat when it doesn't. At no other time, do I sweat.

Sorry I can't offer any advice to make it stop but I am going to keep checking in on this post to see if anyone has any solutions.


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Well I know this isn't any help to you either , but I'm glad I'm not the only one :angry:

I have been sweating since Jan 2000 , my hormones have been checked every 6 months or so since then and have been 100% , but about 5 months ago now the sweats went wild..........and I do mean wild , every minute or every day almost I was so drained all the time.

My wonderful doctor checked and I'd gone straight into my menopause from 100 % hormones to almost NIL she was surprised , so I take HRT............but this doesn't stop it neither nor do the 3 clonidine every morning and evening now.

I get used to drugs and especially this clonidine , but have only just come off it for about 4 weeks and re-started it again..............its just as if I haven't done it .

I sweat on top of the bed, with sheets, without sheets , starkers!!! summer, winter, spring , fall ,morning, noon and night , drip, drip, dribble, dribble..........ah ! an idea????

We are getting short of water here and am wondering if the local water board could link me up to the mains as I must be losing enough water from my system each day to run a washing machine on :P

I would give anything to stop this and am getting very worried as this wedding I'm going to is just under 3 weeks away :( and I dont want to look like a ground rat for the pictures :P

So me thinks its mini fans and ice packs down my back at the church !!!!!

And more ideas or 'why we poor guys are doing this' gratefully received ....... and no I cant go and live in a fridge although its tempting !!!!!................willows.

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Hey Willows,

I can really appreciate your frustration with sweating so much. I thought it was just my internal thermostat going whacky, ..... and that I was the only one. Ah, what a relief to know that's not the case! Sounds like there's a bunch of us who walk around drenched.

I wish I could offer some reasoning behind your sweating when you lay down, but you have me baffled there :angry:

I did ask my doctor about it, since it seemed as though I was sweating in the air conditioning, when it was set at 70 degrees (yes, my entire family complained of how cold the house was, and even went outside just to warm up) :P The doctor simply said that it was due to POTS as he scurried out of the examing room ("thanks doc")! :P Now tell me something I don't already know!

Sorry I can't be of more help, .... the only thing I can offer you in your dilema is a shoulder and empathetic ear!

Hope we all find out how to eliminate the sweats and find comfort :(

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I get waves of heat...I can be sitting down for an hour or so in a temp controlled room and all of a sudden i get severe sweats...I am going to an endo this Friday so who knows whats causing my probs...When it happens it doesn't last too long, but its very uncomfortable.


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I just thought I'd say, yep, I get this too. I'm also a guy, so I don't think it's got anything to do with the big change. For me, it can be when I lay down in the afternoons, evenings, or when I sleep.

I often wake up the next morning still damp all over - usually after a night of insomnia or very light sleep. Maybe it's a hyper-adrenergic thing. Glad to find others are noticing the same thing.

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Thank you SO much guys for the come backs ............especially to DANO.....I have been keeping my fingers crossed that a man had this to and it wasn't just us girls.

Armed with this I can now cause 'havoc' with my consultant who in his great wisdom is convinced that it is to do with female hormones and the jolly old menopause................ :) Ha ! another one bites the dust .

I get waves sometimes and its most alarming , I can feel the heat + sweat rising from my lower back ........and flushing up and down my body like a huge wave ,then the water starts , lightly at first , but after 30 seconds it runs off me. Cooking at this time is not a good idea as the drips go onto or into everything ' Yuck'!!!!!!!!

The chilly pillow is a good idea , but as I sweat all around the house ' horizontally and vertically ' I'd have a bit of a problem with it standing up unless I strap it to my head with a huge hair net!!!

Sorry if I sound rather stupid or slightly crazy over this and I do take your suggestions seriously..........but if you have been sweating as much as I have for 6 years you start to go 'ga-ga' and find life rather silly at times ( and that's my excuse....well and old age .........) ;)

The bandanna sounds great but as we are in the UK I'm not sure if I could get one in under 3 weeks ( until the wedding ) and this is my worry, what with these sweats and now I've taken to 'the faints 'as well I am getting worried.

I'm just about to email my step daughter to tell her that I will not be standing up for the ceremony becuase of the sweats and passing out...............................AAAAHHHHHHH!

Any other suggestions ???

Brilliant so far..........Willows

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Hi Willow -

Glad to offer my experience as a data point. I was reading about this sweating and found that it is thought that menopause and the reduced estrogen is thought to cause the hot flashes by somehow raising norepinephrine levels in the hypothalamus, which regulates temperature control. So it may be a little of both -- too much NE due to dysautonomia and also due to menopause.

Your GP may just write it off as just menopause, but trust your instinct as to whether your symptoms are atypical of other women going through this change. Isn't HRT is supposed to help control these hot flashes? Maybe it's the dysautonomia...

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my husband went and bought a small room size A/C .It sits on the floor and a hose goes out the window. He is rires of freezing. Our Bed room has only 1 outlet and our bed covers it. So I am off to the bedroom. This thing pulls the h2o out of the air and into a container that must be emptied.. Glad he didn't put it in the garage!!!!!!!!!!!! Miriam B)

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Hello Dano again :P

My own doctor is brilliant , as I was sweating long , long before my hormones went 'bye-bye ' she doesn't think its just the old menopause with me, she has had me sitting 'dripping ' on her floor since 2000 .

My sweats got worse in early 2006 when I bottomed out on the hormones, so I was put straight away onto HRT which doc thought would stop the excess sweats , but not a thing has happened , so as well as the HRT I'm on the 3 x2 clonidine and still..........sweating like a boxer :blink: it doesn't make sense to me !

We have a thing called a de-humidifier upstairs......this takes the water out of the air and you have to empty a big bucket from the unit ( about a gallons worth of water at a time) its not an air conditioning unit , I have a massive 3 feet tall fan which moves around to keep me cool when I'm on the bed upstairs.

Sometimes if I try to eat something hot ( not Curry's just foods in general ) or even warm foods , I sweat so much I cant eat it anymore and just have to stop.

The hair on my head 'prickles ' with the heat from the sweat............. :( and as does my back ...........its the 'pits' .

The only way I have found to stop this in its tracks is to eat a water ice ( kids fruit flovoured lolly) so now we have half a freezer full of the things for me B) and the family is getting used to me stopping my meal and eating a lolly while they finish !!!!!

Willows.............thinking of moving to the north pole in a bikini .....ah , thats better :D

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I forgot to mention that there are "cooling vests" and other pieces. Firemen and construction workers, anyone who works outside you can get them at alot of sporting goods stores or on the net. Miriam

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