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Feel Like Myself Again

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Found new Dr in my area that has one other POTS patient and has treated other POTS patients in the past. Really liked her she changed meds, amount and when I take them. Has order lab work to follow up side effects of meds and is seeing me back in one week. She has also indicated that she is only a phone call away. How reassuring. I

I have actually felt like my old self again for the last three days - I am hoping to continue to get better. I have some much more energy do not have that fatigued feeling all of the time. Some brain fog at times but not near like the last four months.

I feel that I will be able to go back to work soon.

I know I could beat this stuff-- I just have to keep up with meds lots of fluid and lots of salt and have been wearing my hightly fashionable hose!!!! And I must not reget that love and support of a very wonderful family.

Thanks for all your support and answers to my posts. I hope to continue to post positive results.

I beleive I am one of the lucky ones with this disease and I wish everyone well. Don't stop looking for answers when it comes to your health.

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kel -

thanks for sharing your good news. it's always great to hear positive stories.

i hope that you continue to feel better & better....

:blink: melissa

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Guest dionna

great positive note. perhaps it will help others have a little more faith that they too may at some point get to feeling better. i am truly happy for you.

dionna :blink:

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It's always nice to hear of successes. Often, finding the right meds and other combinations of other treatments like compression hose or over the counter items can be a frustrating process of trial and error. Sounds like you happened upon a good combo pretty quickly--kudos!


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that is great! ireally hope that you continue to improve---its encouraging to here positive results!!! B)

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