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I'm having an endoscopy and colonoscopy on Monday. I'm having an endoscopy to check for a gluten allergy and to see if I have ulcers. My GI wants to do the colonoscopy because I have iron deficinency anemia (even though a gluten allergy would explain this) and says a colonoscopy is important because of the anemia. I tried to talk my way out of it numerous times but she insists that it is important to do. Feeling rather flustered I agreed to it. B)

I'm not worried about the endoscopy. The idea of having a colonoscopy at 23 doesn't thrill me but most of all I'm really worried about the prep. I get what I think is reactive hypoglycemia. Definitely hypoglycemia of some type and I'm worried that what I'm allowed to drink won't keep my glucose levels up. Again, the GI told me not to worry. I will be taking Halflytely as my prep and I'm concerned with my blood pressure dropping from the Halflytely emptying my system. I don't take anything for my blood pressure so this is a big concern for me. My GI didn't have much to say about my concerns regarding this.

I am having these procedures done in an outpatient setting at a hosptial so their will be an anesthesiologist there the entire time. I'm not too concerned about my HR/BP the day of the procedure since I will be closely monitored. My big fear is on Sunday during the prep.

I did a search and read through some stories but I wanted to know what problems, if any, did anyone encounter during prep. I'm worried about being able to get through it with the hypoglycemia issue and possible blood pressure problems. :)

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I went through the prep very well and I have hypoglycemia and mine can be reactive so no sugar for me. I prepared for my prep by cooking a beef roast and reserving the juices and also cooked a chicken and kept the broth. I put the broths in the fridge and later skimmed off the fat to leave just a clear broth. I also used apple juice. I learned that even though I am reactive hypoglycemia that I could drink a small amount of the apple juice and just sort of swig it lightly all evening long to keep my sugar up. For a meal I had the broths and apple juice.

At one point in the prep I did go low and the apple juice brought me right back up. The time that will be the hardest is when you have to drink the halflitely. I had golightly prep and I had to drink 8 ounces every 10 minutes and when you are drinking it down on a schedule like that a couple of hours will go by when you are not drinking anything else and this is the time you may go low. It is very hard to drink apple juice amidst drinking 8 ounces of prep fluid every 10 minutes. However I did manage to get through it .

Another good thing is that I have a tester kit--the kind a diabetic uses to take their sugar level. I was able to monitor my sugar and that is how I know the apple juice worked for me. I even set my alarm during the night to swig some. In the morning when I arrived at the testing room, I asked for them to check my blood sugar and they tested it when I was still under the anthesthia.

Good luck,

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I am 50 and should have a colonoscopy. My internist said if we decide to do it, he will admit me to the hospitals for IV's while I have the prep. He said otherwise you will end up in the ER dehydrated, unconcious, and tachy anyway. Maybe ask about having IV fluids before the prep????????????


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good luck with your procedure and hope all goes well. When I had to test, I just followed the instructions of the prep as far as when to drink and what to drink to the letter even if I didn't feel like drinking something I did anyway, and I did not have a problem during that time before the colonoscopy & endoscopy with blood sugar which normally would be a problem with it dropping.

I also bought some cambells soup broth (beef & chicken) and drank that (making sure it was strained of any solids that may be in there) and drank juices (clear), and water etc freq. ate jello (clear) & italian ice. I continually drank what was allowed and ate when allowed before the prepping began so I didn't start out depleted to begin with.

Although, I would not advise drinking soda such as 7up or sprite. I made the mistake of doing that, drank it right after the prep. BIG mistake! even though the paperwork stated you could have it from the office.....too much carbination. I looked like I was going to pop and felt like too!

The only time I experienced a blood pressure drop was during the procedure due to anesthesia given but that always happens to me. They just pushed IV fluids.

Good luck and well wishes sent your way.

As far as your age, although I understand but try not to let that bother you, our daughter is 24 and has had several of these things due to UC, due up again this next month so you are definetly not alone. Its better to get it checked out and make sure you're alright.

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Hi! Sorry you have to go through this too. The prep was definitely the worst part of it. I was told that I could drink clear fluids as long as they weren't red colored, like beet juice flavoring or coloring. I did drink gingerale although I agree that it is hard to drink anything else while you are drinking the prep liquid--too nauseating. I arrived slightly earlier than scheduled at the hospital (I specifically found a G.I who would do the procedure in a hospital versus an outside surgicenter) but the staff seemed happy that I was there a little early and gave me an IV which helped. I told myself that everyone else gets through it so that I would also be fine! I was also instructed to take Dulcolax tablet a few hours after finishing the prep to extra clean me out. If you aren't running clear after the prep is over, they can't see anything and will cancel and reschedule you. Believe me, I wouldn't want to drink any of that stuff over again. It took about 2-3 days afterwards for my GI system to get back to its normal dysautonomic self. The great news was that I don't have to have this again for 10 more years! Take care, Martha

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