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Endo Apptmt Aug. 4th

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I see an endocrinologist AUG. 4th @ Boston Medical Center. I'm curious if anyone has actually gotten any help from an endo? Maybe they could find a reason to my fatigue??

What does an Endo. do on your first apptmt.?



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My endocrinologist was following up on the fatigue..I had addison's testing done prior to his visit..Negative on addison's. He listened to alot of my symptoms and was the first doc to do orthostatics on me..he then said I think you have something callled Dysautonomia..Thank goodness for this man!!! Umm..he checked things like sugar and hormone levels on the first visit. And then said I needed to see autonomic doc on second visit after seeing tilt results.

So all in all he checked hormones,sugar levels and came up with the Dysautonomia theory for diagnoses.

Good luck..


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