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24 Hour Urine Test

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Will it still "work" if I'm feeling better? I seem to be feeling somewhat better since my big time flare last summer. I guess I'm worried about yet another test coming back "normal" and having it be a false negative. Will it come back as a positive even if I'm not feeling total crap? Does anyone know?

I would be crushed if it came back negative and was really, actually my problem, (which I believe that it is!!).

I know that y'all aren't doctors, but, has anyone had this test when they were (somewhat and comparably) better than they were? OMG, does any of this make sense? I'm such a nut these days. What I'm trying to say is that I WAS so sick that I could hardly get out of bed and I couldn't speak, etc. Since, then, I've slowly regained some strength and have more energy (which is kinda funny, considering how many naps I take!!) and my point is this...........will the test still come back positive (if it is indeed meant to) even if I'm "BETTER"??


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There are several tests requiring a twenty four hour urine. I think it depends upon what kind of solution they put into the container. I have had two twenty four hour urines done. One test looked for some type of adrenal problem and the other was for hepatic porphyria. (this is very very rare but I have it in my family) What are they running the test on you for? I had the same concern as you do. When I had the porphyria testing done, they said it would be best if done during an "attack" as porphyria usually occurs in episodes. I ended up having it done in the hospital. I would talk to your doc and see exactly what this test is checking for because they have to prep it different ways for different things.

Good luck


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