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Low Pulse Pressure - Diff Between Sys/diastolic

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I notice frequently that when I measure my BP the difference between the systolic/diastolic is less than 40.

For example, 120/80 is "normal". Well, I hardly EVER have 40 points difference in the numbers. It's usually 34 points different. When I'm really bad off, the numbers are even closer together.

Well, the internet look-up of this said this is called the "pulse pressure" and that a "low" pulse pressure is indicative of shock and low perfusion (getting of oxygen to the organs). Dah!!!!!

Obviously, I have low perfusion to the brain (make that, it's difficult to think or I don't even want to think). And in my everyday life I often feel like I'm in mild shock (no blood up there where I need it).

I already know I have decreased blood volume (via testing), so ......

Does anyone else notice this?

What do you all do about this? I guess the florinef (if I took it) is supposed to help with this, right?

What is one to do?

Just wondering???

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Thanks, Nina. As you can tell by my post title, I have already found the name for this.

Well, at least I know I'm not the only one. I'm going to ask my doctor (when I see him in October) if this is usually treated.

How did you find out this is common? Did I miss something in the description of this ailment on this website?

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I also have low pulse pressure when I am most symptomatic.


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I also experience this on days when I feel unwell, and happen to see or know my bp there is a smaller than normal difference between sys and diast--even on more normal days, I can experience this.

This has been discussed before on this board:




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You guys are great. Thanks for the references. I especially enjoyed the CFIDS article.


I just have to adjust to the fact that there are several different body systems of mine that are unreliable and unpredictable on any given day. And it's really difficult to find a consistant help for all this. Sheesh!

You know what? I think we all deserve some sort of heroic medal for having to deal with all this on a routine basis.

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