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Heart Probs!

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Hi guys,

Today I have had the palps for the whole morning, so I took my Metoprolol, which means I won't be able to take the Midodrine. When I have both in my system my heartrate goes too low....

I'm just curious if there is any way you can tell whether the palps are tachy or anxiety. I'm guessing its the tachy just because once I take my meds they go away and I have them for short bouts of time....Any advice for me?



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hey girl,

sorry your having a rough time. i know that you have posted that you have been severely nauseated lately. i know with me, the nauseous feeling makes me anxious, because i have a huge fear of vomiting and so the nausea provokes the anxious feeling that i am going to vomit. anyway, are you still nauseated? do you think your palps may be from feeling queezy?

if you are trying to dicipher whether or not it is tachy from something other than anxiety, it is sometimes hard to tell....tachy can cause anxiety and anxiety can cause tachy.........the beta would (OR SHOULD) work either way for tachy, whether anxiety from tachy or tachy from anxiety (unless you suspect the tachy is something other than sinus tachy, from what you typically feel)..........

i hope you start feeling better.

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