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Numbness In One Side


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hello folks

over the past lets say 6 months or so.. I've been havin increased numbness in my left side..( primarily my hand -arm and leg/foot) i used to only get the numbness once in a while... now i've got it about 85% of the time in my left pinky-ringer fingers and in my left thumb.. in my left thumb i have numbness/ and pain that is traveling down into my wrist and up my arm.. its painful..

and my strength in this particular arm is much weaker then my other arm... the same kind of thing is happening from the back of my knee down clear in to my toes.. i get over come with profound weakness in the left side to the point that i feel like the left side oif my body is dead weight.. i get it in any position awake or asleep(upon waking).. and i just cant move or feel anything no matter how much i want to or try..

i'm also gettinh alot of inviluntary twitching and stiffness.. i am trying to keep movinh my hand and fingers b/c of the level of stiffness that i am getting alone.. i fear the day will come in the near future where i will losse the ability to use my left hand.. when i try to move my finger .. my pinky finger i can feel it slide in and out of its socket.. and thta really hurts!

i also noticed in a pic i saw of myself recently that the left side of my face apeears to look swollen..i can see the difference once looking at the other side of my face.. my eye and cheeck look swollen.. and my mouth looks a bit off kilter as well.. my eye looks like its going to pop out of my head or something.. it was really weird.. I was like waht the **%$!

But i wonderting do any of you deal with this? and if you do what do you do about it? the pain involved as well?

i had a nerve connduction test done of my hands when i was like 16 b/c of pain and weakness.. but the neuro that i saw said it was nothing and said to keep taking anti-depressants! and walked out of the room.. here we are allmost 9 1/2 yrs later and I'm loosing the use of my hand..geesh i'm falling apart! I thought I'd ask all of you about t his.. as I'm a bit uncertain of where to turn for help at this point.. there are so many different things/systems going wacky.. its a bit overwhelming for me as well as the docs treating me..

any insight would be appreciated..



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If you're anything like me, you're not going to want to hear this, because you've had your fill of doctors for 20 lifetimes, but this is something really only a neuro can evaluate. While you wait for the neuro, you may want to get some bloodwork done to rule out vitamin deficiencies, infections, lyme , coagulation issues, etc etc.

good luck


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Guest dionna

well... mine is the right side. all my joints pop and click on the right side, numbess, tingling, that electricity feeling... i get all that in my left side too, but not as often and not as bad. the right side of my face is almost... i would say about almost 100% numb all the time. i have burned myself many times with a curling iron and not even know it. i finally learned to tape a piece of something like a napkin or toilet paper to my head so i don't do it anymore. my neuro knows it but no advice given to me. i don't have so much pain like you say... just in my joints. i do feel really heavy when i faint or am about to- but usually not all day. i know i have lost strength on both sides but i think that is just because i haven't done much in the past year. i have been too sick. i wish i could help you and tell you more. i know our symptoms aren't the same but perhaps they could be related. if any doctor helps me with it... i will post to let you know in the future. i hope you get to feeling better.

dionna :D

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thnak you ladies... I have been to many many neurologist in the past 9 years... about numbness and things... and they dont know...or they tell me that my case is beyond there scope of things.. and its too complicated for them.. so.. I guess i keep looking for a neuroloigst....

I figured a few weeks ago that i should probably be a bit more concerned with what was happening numbing wise.. when i cut my finger open and ddint even realize or feel the cut happen in my thumb!

I'm frustrated in my body in the fact that it is going completely bonkers.. and that I'm unable to get some concrete answers for things.

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Are the neuros you're seeing taking you seriously? Have they ordered MRIs? You mentioned that you had a nerve conduction study at age 16. Unless you were recently 16, I suspect they are looking at all your complaints (including dysautonomia) and giving you the cold shoulder.

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Even though you've been to neuros who've dismissed your symptoms, if they're getting worse, you really need to find one that will work with you. THey may want to do a new set of EMG's to see if you're nerves are conducting properly or not--that and they usually order an MRI of the head just to r/o any kind of problems there that could cause your numbness.

Sorry they're not taking you seriously. Unfortunately, you're not alone in that experience! nina

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I second what everyone's already said. You've got to find a nuro who works near where you live who's willing to work with you. Over the past year that I've known you, your symptoms have gotten so much worse! I'm really scared for you dear, and hope and pray you can find a doctor who can help you.

Has anything happened with that EEG you had? I know it came back abnormal, have they done anything to treat it?

((((HUGS)))) and I'll be praying for you (as always)


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Just like everyone else has said, I think you should try another doctor who will work you up again. Run the test over again. Maybe the can use your old test reslut to the new and see if there been changes. Please is you are feeling this badly, keep going to doctors, if you know somthing is wrong trust yourself!

I wish you the best, and hope you will be able to get to the bottom of things! :lol:

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Your symptoms sound so familiar. I have had POTS symptoms for 15 years, but started with numbness and weakness on my left side in Feb. The POTS is under controll with Midodrine, but the weakness seems to be getting worse. I have had MRI's and EMG's none have shown anything currently defined by modern medicine.

I had an appointment with my Cardiologist this afternoon, and was asking him if he has seen other POTS patients with this weakness issue. He said I was unique to his practice. He was going to e-mail Dr. Low at Mayo to see what insite he may have on this issue. I was told that my Dr. and Dr. Low have worked together in the past studying POTS, so I hope I will get some sort of answer. I will let you know if I hear back from him.

I do not have any pain, just numbness, tingling, and significant weakness in my left arm, sholder, and leg. I have started physical therapy to see if I can get some strength back.

I am working with an immunologist to see if IV metho-prednesone and an immune suppressant can help with the weakness. I guess only time will tell.

Good Luck,


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Hi Linda,

Have you seen any neuros at teaching hospitals??? I have the numbness in my feet and lower legs, some days are worse than others...Anyhow, I hope you find a neuro to work with you.


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Since I've moved back to my home town in 2002.. I've been seen by 3-4 different neuro's here in town thru each hospitpal systems.. the first 2 here.. eeg's came back abnormal.. but they arent exactly sure why.. and they said that there is nothing that they can do for me.. as my case is very complex... and is not responding to really any treatment be it for pots or these crazy neurological symptoms that truthfully I have been having for a very long time...

I remmber about 11-12 but my parents tell me that I've been dealing with pain numbness and things even before then.. my mom would take me to the ER.. and my pcp.. and we never got anywhere..

my recent neuro. did the most recent eeg.. and (i p[osted on that a while back).. they think I'm having seizures.. but again nothing really concrete enough..no further testing was done...though I'm going to give her a call tomorrow morning.. well see..

i saw a neuro in pittsburgh last summer.. she did a nerve conduction of my legs and one foot.. ...that was with in normal.. they did a QSART test and abnormal on that was the mini tilt that they did laying down my bp was like 132/?? and readily dropped down to 88/?? something. quickily..I had an MRI done of my Brain and pituitary last summer as well.. abnormalityies there too.. more recent MRI of neck shows abnormalitites too..

SOOOO... I've been told svereal times that I'm am going to have to travel out of town and most likely out of state for treat and evaluation.. both for neurological things and pots... Tomorrow I am sending my med records and films off to the chiari institute... I understand that they are thurough there.. and take you seriously...

I think the recent neuro's I've sen are taking me seriously.. they just dont have any answers.. or the advanced technology to really go any furture...

SO I'm sending the stuff out tomrrow.. along with a a prayer that tci will accept me as a patient and run some test and scan and MRI's..b/c i too see and feel that something is wrong.. i see myself deteriorating and functioning less and less...the amount of neurological symptoms cant all be chalked up to pots

so if i hear anyhting i will surely let you all know..

wish me luck on tci!

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