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Emofree - Anyone Used It?


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I read recently that someone had used this and found it helpful. It is based on our meridians in our body. I have been on the site and it sounds pretty amazing, maybe too good to be true? Has anyone had any experience with it and more importantly, had any good results? I am feeling like I need a breakthrough, I am sure I am not alone!


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i hate to be a curmudgen, but if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. i looked this up very briefly and it sounds like a sales pitch to me. things that claim to cure/help just about anything/everything are often more hype than reality. and if it had merit in autonomic disorders, it would reason that at least one of the top autonomic docs would give it a look.

obviously it's a personal decision, but this isn't something i'd give a second glance to...

:D melissa

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