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My doc prescribed Promethazine, just curious to see who has tried it and what results they got.....Thanks.... Hoping this helps...


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I love it! I have been on it since 2003. It makes me sleepy, but if you take it consistently for a few days the sleepy factor gets better. Some people get nauseated if they take it on an empty tummy so watch out for that. It comes as suppositories as well as tablets and I keep both on hand!

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I take it also. It makes me very sleepy but sometimes that's good for me too because sleeping helps (me) a lot with the nausea. I have passed out once though after taking it because it tends to make me real dizzy. Even though the sleepy part and the dizziness part kind of stink, I love taking it!

Does anyone know if this is true about Phenergan....my GI doctor told us yesterday that he doesn't like to prescribe it for long term use because it causes neurological disorders.-is that correct?

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as gwen said, the med you mentioned is often known (brand name) as phenergen. i have pretty over-the-top nausea as my stomach hardly works at all anymore but am not allowed to try phenergen b/c of my reactions to reglan as they are in the same "family" of meds.

so...that is likely the neuro side effects that the doc is speaking of. i don't "think" they're as common with phenergan as with reglan, but for me i started getting twitches/ parkinsonian symptoms a few months after starting reglan. for me we stopped the reglan right away and thankfully the problems went away; unfortunately this is not always the case though.

hope this helps...

:) melissa

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