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Turn head/tingles in arm and leg


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Hello everyone. Just wondering if anyone has any idea what this new symptom I am getting is all about. It started a couple of weeks ago with me just turning my head to the side and then feeling tingling and pins and needles through my hand and leg. It would only last one to two seconds. Now I notice it more as I am exercising. If I turn my head as I am walking I get a fleeting feeling of pins and needles. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this??? I won't even bother asking my GP because he has no idea about this condition so it's useless. Thanks for any input.. Sandy

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Pins/needles/numbness or electric-like sensations/shooting pain, might be caused by spinal nerve problems. You may want to get your neck checked out for nerve compression--either from disc problems, or from arthritic changes, or even just from a congenitally narrow opening for the nerve or for the spinal cord itself.

A good neurologist or neurosurgeon should be able to evaluate you.


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I agree with Nina, she is the expert on this topic = ) Any new symptom that concerns you may or may not be related to POTS and should be evaluated. If you don't trust your doc, then be persistent in finding one that you feel more comfortable with (easier said than done, I know!!). Good luck!!

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