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New To This, Question About Dx's

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I have lurked here quite a bit. My dx was originally orthostatic hypotension and MVP. Recently I went to a dermatologist for a routine skin cancer check and she told me (after a fairly extensive exam) that I have EDS also. My question: is EDS a known cause of orthostatic hypotension? Any help would be appreciated. I noticed that many of you on this board have EDS and probably know WAY more than I do since I just was diagnosed with that last week. Thanks for your help.

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Guest tearose

Hi courtney,

Just wanted to welcome you and suggest the reading that mighty posted.

Learn as much as you can and you will be more confident in your treatment plan.

best regards,


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Joint pain, including the spine, is common with EDS. You might want to take a look at the EDS website-- http://www.ednf.org

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