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Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!


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I am new to the group and haven't officially been diagnosed with POTS yet, but I have a question. All I want to do is SLEEP! Is this a normal symptom of POTS? I usually sleep 11-12 hrs/night and still want to take a nap in the afternoon.

I don't know if this is from POTS or something else going on.


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I was diagnosed about 4 years ago now and I can count on my fingers the days I haven't taken a nap. It's like my body can't even function without a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.

I also sleep a lot at night (10-12 hours)....althought lately i have had a harder time falling to sleep.

My dr's think I also have CFS along with POTS.

Take care,


Just to clarify.......

I meant that I can count the days on my fingers that I haven't taken a nap -- since my sickness began

Thanks B)


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Guest dionna

yes i sleep a lot as well. like one of them said... sleep disorders is a symptom of the syndrome. sometimes i can't sleep at all... and some days i sleep between 8-20 hours a day. most of the time 10-12 though but i am still sleepy and if i sit still too long i will dose of into a nap. as you can see at the bottom i was diagnosed with POTS and NCS. i know i have other stuff too but i just haven't been diagnosed yet because either i haven't been to that doctor or the doctors i go to say i don't have those symptoms. whatever. good luck on getting your diagnose. i hope it doesn't take too long. take care of yourself.

dionna B)

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